COCKEYSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Protests continue in the wake of George Floyd’s death, who died nearly three weeks ago in the custody of Minneapolis police. An officer was seen kneeling on his neck before he became unconscious.

Since then, people have been protesting for police reform and justice for the Black community.

The message coming out of Sunday’s protest in Cockeysville- equality and an end to the violence.

At the age of 13, Jaydon Gaines knows why he’s protesting- for equality, for himself and his family.

“It’s hard to accept the fact that a lot of people judge you on how you look,” Gaines said.

“My kids, their kids, kids don’t have to come to these events it shouldn’t be necessary,” said his mother Julie.

She said she can’t help but worry for the day her son might be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It’s heartbreaking to worry that he won’t get the same treatment that something happened to him and if he’s in a group of people that don’t look like him he’s automatically the target,” she said.

Tonya Jackson organized a peaceful protest Sunday at County Home Park near the library, where people held signs and took a knee.

Jackson said her husband is Black and they have two children together, and the protest is for them and for anyone else jumping on the bandwagon late- she says it’s never too late to make a change.

“I have two biracial children, I have an African American husband and I want to see them come home at night,” Jackson said.

Jackson said she is tired of the violence.

“It could be my husband, it could be my son, you know they walk out the door every day and you pray that they come back. They’re tired of it,” Jackson said. “I don’t want to see my son be a hashtag, I don’t want my husband to be a hashtag, you know the next mom doesn’t want to see their child be a hashtag, we’re tired of our kids being hashtags. It needs to stop.”

The Minneapolis Police Department identified the officer as Derek Chauvin, he now faces a second-degree murder charge.

Rachael Cardin

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  1. The Norwoods says:

    I voted for Trump.

    It was a mistake. He lied.

    He said he would bring back law & order. Look around.

    We are closing in on 120,000 dead Americans from a virus he said was no worse than the flu and did nothing about until it was too late. People in 3rd world countries have a better chance of not getting it than we do. I still can’t get tested.

    Unemployment to rival the great depression.
    Said he would be too busy working for us to play golf. Plays more golf than any president…at his own courses…and he bills us millions for that.

    The economy is in tatters…unless of course if you are one the the uber rich he gave huge tax breaks to. Brags about stock market- great for the wealthy, but the average American does not own any stocks.

    The wall he promised has finally been built… around the White House.

    I fell for his scams & lies, I admit it. That will not happen again, I will not vote for Trump. What he has done to this country is a disgrace. I will protest peacefully, our whole family will. My wife and I are both out of work now, we have plenty of time.

  2. Bill Smiths says:

    You are as stupid as those people screaming black lives matter. This is not the work of Trump….no no no.. this has been the Dems working from behind the scenes to derail everything he has doen or is trying to get done.Just like the fake Russia scam and the BS impeachment scam which the Dems spent millions on for nothing. I am so sick of hearing it’s all Trumps fault or it’s all because of white racism, systematic racism or institutional..blah..blah blah . Black lives matter is a scam, if BLM really cared why didn’t they protest about the twelve black folk shot and killed two weeks ago in Baltimore……why.I’ll tell you why….. because black-on-black crime doesn’t count. The Dems have been scamming us for years taking our votes and laughing at us as they walk away. Well not this time this is why Trump has my vote.

  3. joe says:

    Mrs. Jackson and others like her are the problem , not the solution. They worry about the perceived enemy instead of the real enemy. She doesn’t want her husband and children judged by their skin color so they make it home safely at night. Seems to me that she’s judging people based on their skin color , believing that white people judge them and are after them. They are 100xs more likely to killed by someone who looks like them. As for 13 year old Jayden, he only thinks the way his parents are telling him to think….” watch out for the evil Police and white man”. I wonder if his parents have shown him the recent videos of the out of control mobs of black kids in Ocean City targeting white kids( and the many stories like it that have brushed off by the media because they do not fit their narrative)? Until BLM and groups like them address the BIGGER issues along with their smaller, racially motivated issues, I have no time or sympathy for their protests………….

  4. Steph says:

    Julie should use her white privilege and go downtown at 2AM in the morning to protest black on black crime. Until then these countless protest are gonna back-fire as most people are getting sick of hearing about it. Where was Julie when Obama was president and the same thing was happening.

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