BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Deep breaths, Ravens fans. NFL MVP Lamar Jackson is doing fine. A video made the rounds on social media Sunday of the quarterback scrambling during a beach football game and taking a tumble over a jet ski parked in the area. According to a report from ESPN’s Jamison Henley, Jackson is fine.

The video, posted to Jackson’s Instagram story on Sunday, showed the league MVP scrambling away from defenders, as he is wont to do, during a beach football game. However, towards the end of the scramble, Jackson avoided a defender and in the process ended up running straight into the jet ski.

That is likely the last thing the team wants to see its 23-year-old star doing. Henley points out in his reporting that an NFL player has been injured before playing beach football. Back in 1998, New England Patriots running back Robert Edwards injured his knee during a beach game at the Pro Bowl, which then led the Pro Bowl to discontinue the event.

The Ravens, in theory, could limit Jackson from participating in beach football games in the future the way that the Chiefs did with Patrick Mahomes and pickup basketball.


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