HI Everyone,

All we have to do is look down a short road and there is Summer 2020. Saturday, June 20th is the start of the new season. And it will certainly feel like it. This weekend we are looking at hot and humid conditions. The low to mid 90’s and humid. But what else would you expect,  it will be Summer. Between now and then temps actually just slightly below the normal of 82°now, and then 83° as we move toward the end of the week.

Spring 2020  was actually quite lush as cool and damp weather extended the blooming part of the season quite a bit. But with all that was going on in the world it never really got the headline. It’s pollen and seasonal allergies did but not really until last week.  We did not have a lot of violent weather and that is something to highlight.

Calm today and tomorrow, mixed  weather Wednesday and Thursday. Then here come the heat. Here comes Summer. Given this year let’s hope for an uneventful one for sure.



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