BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With the status of the Major League Baseball season still unclear, it’s still to be determined where the Orioles recent draft picks will end up starting their professional careers.

This includes fourth-round pick Coby Mayo who was drafted out of high school in Florida.

A top high school third base prospect, he knows the challenges that can come in life.

Mayo attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the scene of a deadly school shooting in February 2018, when he was a sophomore.

Seventeen of his classmates and teachers were killed.

Mayo said the tragedy is motivation to honor those victims.

“That day, I look back on it, and I think to myself, ‘I’m so lucky to be here today,'” Mayo said. “If it wasn’t for my coaches, my family, my friends, I wouldn’t be here where I’m at today, without them to push me every single day, doing it for those who were lost.”

Mayo has committed to the University of Florida, but the Orioles set aside money for their later picks in this year’s draft, indicating he will likely sign with the team.


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