BALTIMORE (WJZ) — President Donald Trump called out Baltimore again in a speech Tuesday to the nation on police reform — pointing out that no arrests were made in a majority of murder cases in the city last year.

“In many cases local law enforcement is underfunded understaffed, and under support,” Trump said. “Forty seven percent of all murders in Chicago and 68% of all murders in Baltimore went without arrests last year.”

Trump emphasized the need to respect and support law enforcement as he signed an executive order Tuesday addressing policing reforms amid a groundswell of civil unrest.

Trump’s order is shaped by three key components: credentialing and certifying police departments, boosting information-sharing to better track officers with excessive use-of-force complaints and creating services for addressing mental health, drug addiction and homelessness. But it doesn’t make federal funding conditional to those reforms, but instead potentially prioritizes some grants for departments that meet all those guidelines, CBS News reported. 

Baltimore City police confirmed the president’s statistic Tuesday saying they had a 31% homicide clearance rate, or rate of closing cases, in 2019.

A spokesperson said since Commissioner Michael Harrison arrived in 2019, the department has re-assessed assets and invested into the homicide unit, including 14 new investigators.

Now, the department is focusing on staffing and reduction in caseloads for homicide.

Additionally, the department is investing into accountability tools being put into place and the unit is building on Consent Decree policies and training.

So far this year, the clearance rate is higher at 45%.

“The Baltimore Police Department recognizes the need to improve our Homicide clearance rate and continues to make the necessary changes to be more effective and efficient. There have been several important improvements made which include not only increasing staffing levels and developing training, but implementing necessary accountability measures to improve investigations. Improving the clearance rate involves collaboration with the community and other local, state, and federal partners which the Baltimore Police Department is committed to continue doing and expanding on,” the department said in a statement to WJZ. “Overall, BPD recognizes the need for continuous improvement and is up for the challenge of changing this narrative. Our department embraces reforms because the residents of our city deserve a world-class police force that inspires trust, ensures safety and protects the constitutional rights of the people we serve. Rebuilding trust is critical to a safer Baltimore.”

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison Worries About Gaps In Service With Defunding

The City Council has voted to take $22 million from the police budget and redirect it to public services.

“This round of cuts that came with these hearings have demonstrated the will of the people,” Commissioner Michael Harrison said Tuesday. “We are really kind of a basic functioning police department. There are impacts. Some of them could be negative.”

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  1. canuk says:

    Another reason to de-fund the police.

  2. Bill Smiths says:

    Yeah, lets de-fund the police so we can have 600 homicides this year instead 300+. You know there truly is something wrong with the way you people and by you people, I mean you people think….Not the brightest bulb on the tree that’s for sure. But hey black lives mater…right.

  3. YN says:

    This is nothing special, it is on par with the national average for large cities and is better than some other large cities. Murder is one of the crimes it is, sadly, fairly easy to get away with..

    We could have ten times more cops and it would not help as most murderers do not think about getting caught and it is often a crime of passion or opportunity where there is no thought process involved. Most murderers know their victims.

    1. King Julian says:

      if you think the majority of murders in Baltimore are crimes of passion or opportunistic you need to open your eyes

    2. billygat says:

      @YN “on par with the national average for large cities”

      Interesting statement. It would be interesting to compare “large cities” to the US as a whole. It would be interesting to see how badly the Democrats are managing the large cities compared to the US as a whole. After all, since the “national average for large cities” is worse that the US as a whole, perhaps the large cities need new management.

      Democrats have controlled the cities for decades. This is the result of their terrible policies. A high murder rate, poverty, and an inept & homicidal police force. Remember, Baltimore couldn’t even get justice for Freddie Gray.

  4. Antonio says:

    Defunding does not mean getting rid of them, it means spending some of the money on other programs that work better, it means change. YOU people need to learn to read and understand things! Camden NJ defunded their cops and cut crime by almost half. Does Camden still have cops? Yes they do. When you put money into things that actually do reduce crime, you need to spend less on cops.

    Toll booth & red light cameras are a good example people on a simple Trumper level can understand- the technology catches people they used to pay cops to catch. It is cheaper and more effective then cops and is irrefutable evidence in court.

    Keep people off drugs in the 1st place or help them get off, crime goes down.

    1. King Julian says:

      Camden defunded mainly because the city was broke, the surrounding county has take over and there are now more police dedicated to Canden than before, a very good reason why crime is down. My question to you is if you live in Baltimore why have the leaders you elected for the past 25 years not done something already. Seems as though you are electing the wrong people.

      1. Nathan Durhing says:

        You are correct. There are almost twice as many police on the streets of Camden after the so-called “defunding.”

  5. a teacher says:

    Julian- Why not go back to school and finish 6th grade? My god, how can anyone in a country that gives you at least 12 years of free education not be able to write English correctly? I have students for whom English is a second language who can write it better than you do!

    The majority of the states with the highest crime rates are red ones, check it out yourself. Any city in any country will have higher crime rates than more rural areas. Few countries have crime rates that compare to the USA. What do you expect in a country where some ignorants think everyone should be able to run around with their assault rifles? This is a violent country where the minority of gun owners are killing people and cry and whine when anyone suggests making it harder for people to get guns.

    So, defunding the police in Camden put more police on the streets and got results? Why should you oppose that?

    If you are into results, OK, let’s go! The GOP has control of the country and has had it for a couple years now. We have a President who promised to bring back law and order. (OK, same guy who promised he would be too busy working to play golf.) Take a look around, how is he doing? You can’t blame the Dems, HE is the President and will be the first one to tell you he thinks he has absolute power over the states. HE said he would bring back law and order.
    According to latest polls, almost 70% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Good luck blaming the Dems for Trump!

    1. Arnold Ziffel says:

      I weep for our children when I read something like this, purportedly from a teacher. I don’t care that you have a firm grasp of the English language. You are ignorant about nearly all the facts. You do have an unfortunate confidence in your false information. You spout garbage to children and they believe it. This is why we have idiot Marxists tearing down statues and burning buildings.

  6. Bill Smiths says:

    Yeah, lets defund the police and spend the money on more white liberal programs which don’t work nor have they ever. The white liberal truly is a devil, just look at what their policies and programs have done to the black community. How the hell do you people sleep at night.

  7. Bad Penguin says:

    You must remember that “clearance rate, or rate of closing cases” means someone was arrested for the crime. However it doesnt reflect how many people were actually convicted of the crime.

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