RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A statue of African American tennis legend Arthur Ashe on Richmond, Virginia’s, Monument Avenue has been vandalized with the words “White Lives Matter.”

Photos show the base of the monument tagged with white spray paint and the words “white lives matter” as well as the initials “WLM.”

Those initials were then later painted over with “BLM.”

Richmond Police said they were alerted to the vandalism about 10:15 a.m. Wednesday. Police say red paint on the statue itself was already being cleaned off by community members.

Police said they have information on possible suspects and are asking the community to call their Crime Stoppers line if they have information on who is responsible for the vandalism.

The Arthur Ashe monument was dedicated in 1996 to memorialize the Richmond native and counterbalance the string of statues on Memorial Avenue dedicated to Confederate leaders.

The vandalism of the Ashe statue comes as multiple Confederate statues have been toppled, vandalized and slated for removal in the city during protests prompted by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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  1. Bill Jefferson says:

    They’re all over this; any leads on the square miles of graffiti in democRat cities, courtesy of the leftist prorioters and looters?

  2. Kurt Kienig says:

    How’s it feel Black LIES Matter??

  3. John Keller says:


    Next, pull it down!

    Target ALL BLM (Burn/Loot/Murder) supported icons.

  4. Luis Martinez says:

    18 blacks killed by other blacks last weekend in Chicago. Where’s BLM?

  5. Fred Griffin says:

    so funny how ignorant people applaud white criminals but condemn black ones. You’re just not getting over losing the Civil Way and having your monuments come down and seeing Trump will lose the election as The Dem’s lead grows.

    Maybe you should look at the crowd at any protest- see how many people are white? Hey I hear they are still recruiting people for the Trump white power pretend “rally”, I hear he pays well and there won’t be any black people or immigrants there (cause all your ancestors were white people who sprung up from the ground) & you get paid and get a free hat and T shirt so hurry up.

    All lives matter.

  6. Marty Willowbee says:

    LOL! The Blackies Jumped The Shark. No one cares about Black Lies Matter any longer. Overreach. Now its White Lives Matter, WLM!

  7. Bill Whiteguy says:

    white savages too funny!

    There sure are millions of protesters all over the world chanting black lives matter and it will go on and on! They are not just black people either, in any crowd lots of them are white.

    Let’s see Arthur Ashe was an American citizen and he served his country in the Army, first in the ROTC and then as an officer at West Point, rising to the rank of 1st lieutenant. He was a college graduate and beat the pants off white tennis players, a game white folks invented. So you cheer dishonoring a veteran and have a problem with people tearing down statues of Confederate traitors who were not Americans, declared war on the USA and killed thousands of American citizens.

    Ok, got it, I see where you people are coming from…….veterans who fought for their country bad, draft dodgers w/ phony bone spurs good, fascists good and people who attacked the USA and killed Americans good. Is that right? Who are the savages now?

  8. Oh I can’t wait until they put up a statue of Obammy. Oh I can’t wait! Government is Non Essential. Soon we will have our Open season

  9. Bill Smiths says:

    People are just nuts now a days…..while I don’t agree with defacing any form of history, this is to be expected. Liberals allowed and took part in the removal of so many civil war monuments which in my opinion was unacceptable especially since the government allowed it to happen. Now it happens to this statue they want to charge someone,,,,,,,well where are the all arrest for trashing so many if our civil war monuments. These kooks are so “F-ING” stupid they fail to realize that if you erase history, you are bound to repeat it. The other day I have a talk whit a black guy who told me “we are never going back” to which I replied yeah you are bro and the white liberal is leading you there with a smile on his/her face, your just to stupid to see it.

  10. Olefart says:

    Yeah, I’m an old white guy and I think it was wrong. He was a VETERAN He served his country and you don’t do veterans like that black white brown all colors veterans are people who served their country.You honor them for their service regardless of color religion & all that. I fought in Korea trust me you do not care what color a fellow soldier is you are all Americans.

    They took down the confederate statues in Annapolis because our elected officials DEMOCRATICALLY VOTED to do it. That’s how it works, Most Americans favor taking them down as those people were not Americans they were people who declared war on Americans and killed them.

    It has nothing to do with “erasing history”, you can’t do that no matter how hard you try.Nobody alive fought in the civil war but we all know about it. THAT is the history. All the statues of Hitler are gone now, but nobody has forgotten what he did.
    There is nothing wrong with “liberals” either, they are part of America the same as ultra conservatives and racists are. Black people are not stupid either let them chose their own destiny

  11. Vandalism is vandalism. Anyone defacing public statues should be ashamed of themselves.

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