ESSEX, Md. (WJZ) — Police in Baltimore County have identified the four people arrested after an incident at the TD Bank in Essex on Wednesday.

Investigators say Danielle Guzzetti, 52, of Queens, New York, traveled to Maryland from New York with intentions of using a fake ID to get a bank card.

3 Men, Woman Arrested For Fraud Following Extensive Search Around Essex, Police Say

The bank teller in the drive-thru realized what she was trying to do while in the drive-thru of the bank, investigators say.

She drove with three other suspects who allegedly took off from the scene and were arrested in the area of Earhart Road.

Guzzetti, 22-year-old Denzil Bailey, Sha-lee Felder, 20, and Lenny Smalls, 19, all from New York, are now facing several charges.


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