PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Baseball fans continue to wonder when the sport will return after games were suspended due to the coronavirus as others like hockey and basketball announce their comeback plans.

Among them is Eddie Matz of Pikesville. With no answer yet, the youth athletic coach vented his frustrations in song, writing and performing a baseball-themed cover of Maroon 5’s “Memories.”

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“Baseball was my first love, Matz said. “I grew up an Orioles fan.”

As each day passes, baseball enthusiasts like Matz, who even covered the sport for ESPN, find themselves at a loss.

“When sports goes away, it’s just this giant vacuum,” he said.

While baseball plays a major part in his life and the lives of his three boys, he’s also a music lover. In college, Matz was in an a cappella group.

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As the league’s pause continued on, Matz combined music and baseball to write the song.

“One of the things that’s really helped me get through this is creating music,” he said.

The song, which is titled “Salaries,” includes lyrics wondering when the sport will return and what’s keeping it from returning.

“The song’s called ‘Salaries’ because it’s this whole issue to the fans, it seems like the reason they’re not coming back is about money and fans just want sports,” he said.

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For now, fans can listen to Matz’s song and share in his frustration until the season returns.