BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh has joined a coalition of 16 other attorneys general in supporting California’s ammunition regulations.

California requires gun dealers to conduct background checks prior to all ammunition sales and requires all sales to happen face-to-face.

The attorneys general argue that individual states have the right to enact reasonable firearm restrictions to prevent gun violence.

A recently-filed lawsuit is challenging California’s ammunition sale laws.

  1. Kommander Hammer says:

    This IS the biggest BS. All these corrupt AG’s trying to violate peoples 2nd amendments. Well Ammo is part of the the right to bear arms you fkheads!

    The purpose of these stupid laws, is to make exercising your rights so arduous, so expensive, and so legally perilous, as to discourage anyone other than the kings and their men from having those rights. These AG’s are disgusting. They don’t give a damn about peoples rights, only Judge Benetiz has our backs right now. The rest of the AG’s can go disappear in the dirt.

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