BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Atlas Restaurant Group on Monday apologized to a Black boy and his mother who were denied service at Ouzo Bay over the weekend due to an alleged dress code violation despite a similarly-dressed white boy being allowed to dine at the restaurant.

A video of the encounter posted on Instagram shows a restaurant employee telling the woman her son’s outfit violates the restaurant’s policy banning athletic shorts. The woman points out the white child’s similar clothing and repeatedly asks the employee why her son can’t dine at the restaurant when the other child could.

Two Ouzo Bay Managers No Longer With Restaurant After Black Boy Denied Service Over Alleged Dress Code Violation

In a statement, Atlas Restaurant Group said they were “sickened” by the incident and said it should never have happened.

“This difficult situation does not represent who or what Atlas Restaurant Group stands for,” the statement reads. “While dress codes across Atlas properties are the result of ongoing input from customers, in no way are they intended to be discriminatory. That said, this past weekend’s incident at Ouzo Bay clearly serves as a moment we will learn from and create change.”

The manager in the video has been placed on “indefinite leave,” the statement said.


Another Baltimore restaurant owned by Atlas, Choptank in Fells Point, also drew criticism for its dress code last year, leading the restaurant to make changes to its policy.

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  1. Chris says:

    If they have a dress code that’s great, but they should not let in whites who do not meet it then refuse blacks. OK, Ouzo Bay & Vince’s are both off the list- lots of other great places to spend money! We will not patronize racist establishments.

    1. Frank says:

      You feel better about yourself now that you told everyone that reads this that you dont patronize racist establishments? You want a trophy?

      1. Vernon Smith says:

        Frank, do you feel better about yourself now that you told everyone that reads Chris’ comment how he should comment on a story. Do you want a trophy?

    2. King Julian says:

      i hope you don’t have any Nike gear because they enslave Chinese children to make it for you

  2. John says:

    This has been a long history in Baltimore to turn away Black people from establishments for dress code that only seem to apply to them. I am just glad that we can film these instances and stop patronizing these places!

  3. Alice Wilson says:

    Because the company did apologize and immediately changed their polices, I have no issue with the company. In fact, it makes me more likely to eat there. Kudos to the company for addressing this issue quickly and efficiently. (Side Note: Employee was respectful and didn’t seem racist. He probably was thinking ‘who let that other kid in dressed like that’.If I was the manager, I would have just let them eat there. What harm would it have done?)

  4. Cherry says:

    Indefinite leave means on vacation until this blows over

  5. Fred says:

    2 managers were fired, good for them

    Julian- we in fact do not buy garments made in China, like Trump ties, Ivanka Trump shoes, MAGA hats……. We have an issue with people like the Trumps who export US jobs to China, yet they are not taxed at a higher rate than those wo make goods in the USA. The tariffs? LOL, Americans pay them not the Chinese!.

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