BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Over a dozen low-income families across the Baltimore area on Wednesday were presented with a life-changing gift of transportation.

A touching and life-changing moment for Listra Williams on Wednesday, a LifeBridge Health employee at Northwest Hospital, who was given a brand new car from the non-profit Vehicles for Change and MileOne Autogroup.

“It’s such a surprise!” Williams said.

The transmission on William’s old car gave out one morning so she’s had to find other ways to get to work.

“It’s a struggle, it’s a struggle. So I’m fortunate to have a vehicle where I can drive myself to work,” Williams said.

But Williams wasn’t the only one whose life was changed Wednesday. In total, 20 local families across the area were given cars for Vehicles for Change’s 20th anniversary.

“Without opportunities of transportation people can’t get to jobs, they can’t get better education,” said Martin Schwartz, Vehicles for Change President.

All of the cars were provided by MileOne Autogroup.

“We’ve never done one like this, we’ve never done a surprise so it was kind of fun to do it with the pandemic going on,” said Scott Fader, COO for MileOne Autogroup.

And for that, Williams is extremely grateful for the gift that makes her life easier.

“Thank you so much! Hahaha,” Williams said.

And in total, MileOne has donated more than 170 cars to families all across Maryland

Stetson Miller


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