BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Office of the State Fire Marshal released Wednesday its list of approved permits for public fireworks displays.

Statewide, there are about two dozen displays on the Fourth of July weekend, down from about 90 last year, according to State Fire Marshal Brian Geraci.

“A lot less than we’ve received in many, many other years, obviously. A lot of the different jurisdictions have canceled,” Geraci said.

The City of Hagerstown is moving forward with its fireworks show at Fairgrounds Park with no food or drink vendors or entertainment.

Thursday, Geraci and other fire officials demonstrated the dangers of legal and illegal fireworks.

“We see burn injuries and eye injuries and those types of things every year,” Geraci said.

Fireworks possession is illegal in Baltimore City, Ocean City, Howard, Harford, Prince George’s, and Montgomery Counties.

Fines can be issued up to $250 per firework.

Paul Gessler

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  1. mike says:

    Baltimore city needs to crack down on these illegal fireworks the entire city is experiencing nightly fireworks that go on for hours on end. NY just announced a huge crack down on them. I get that people are bored and covid has closed so many things. But people have to get to sleep , have kids, babies, elderly etc.

  2. a neighbor says:

    I agree- our HOA just made it very clear they are illegal & dangerous and they will call police if anyone uses them. I will as well.

    Law abiding citizens do not possess or use illegal fireworks. Stay home, stay safe and look forward to seeing public displays either for New Years or next summer, whenever the Trump flu is over.

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