BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s not uncommon to see ravens at M&T Bank Stadium, but they’re usually on the field, not flying hundreds of feet above.

Bird watcher Eddie Smith has been keeping his eyes to the sky for nearly 40 years.

“It satisfies the hunting instinct,” he said.

Ravens are seen flying in the skies near M&T Bank Stadium.

Just last week, during his daily bike ride, he spotted something he found rather ironic as he rode past the stadium.

“I looked up and I saw a couple big black birds flying around,” Smith said.

He knew right away they were ravens.

“They’re very acrobatic, and they tumble in the sky and they sometimes play with each other and that kind of thing,” he said.

He said up until a couple of years ago, it was fairly odd to see ravens in a city.

“You think of them nesting way up on the top of a mountain somewhere, five miles from the nearest house,” Smith said.

He believes they may have made a nest in the rafters, but he wasn’t the only keen eye to spot them.

“At first I thought it was a crow, and then I was like, crows aren’t that big,” said London Jay.

London Jay was on a bike ride with her family when she saw them soaring.

“I think that’s pretty cool since it’s actually the Ravens stadium,” she said.

Proving M&T Bank belongs to the Ravens.

Both Smith and Jay sid they heard the ravens call, which is what made them look up.

Sean Streicher


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