Hi Everyone!

I hope your weekend was an enjoyable one and now it is off to the July 4th holiday weekend.

This will be, because of where it hits on a Saturday, a legit three-day weekend.

Few will give Friday 100%. Usually July 4th is July 4th and that is that. But not in 2020. (And now that I think about 2020 this may be the first good part about it.)

The outlook is for temps in the very low 90’s a bit humid with that pop up chance of a thunderstorm. Pretty standard summer fare.

I point out the temps because I believe we are all adapting well to “masking up” in hot/humid conditions. Shoutout us for doing it right unlike the other spots in the nation.

Have you noticed your glasses don’t fog up nearly as bad when it is hot. It is a function of hot breath on cold plastic, or now hot breath on hot plastic. There is a science lesson here, always is, right?

Have a good Monday, and be safe. And mask up, don’t fog up, and keep others safe too.



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