BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A bit steamy to start this day. In the wake of overnight showers, and thunderstorms, the humidity shot up. Look for the mid 80’s later and such will be the flavor of the day. Speaking of which, it is totally 100% snowball season. COVID be darned, ain’t nothing gonna stand between a Marylander on a hot day and that tasty treat. Social distance, do the mask thing and place your order.

My go to is raspberry. Now that bucks the tide of the local gold standard “Egg Custard”, or the other long time star, chocolate with marshmallow on the top. If you are new to the area ask someone eating Egg Custard what it tastes like. Then ask another enjoying the same, and the answers won’t be the same. It is a taste that you well…have to taste. If you are new to the area another local favorite is called “Sky Blue.” The name comes from the look and I do not know how to describe that taste either, though I lean toward a berry solution.

No matter what your favorite is the season has begun and I, for one, see days like this, (and the next few days in the 90’s), and I am sitting on GO!