By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s Friday Eve and all is good. Good and hot that is. But let’s discuss the word hot for a second. 90° is the forecast high today. Under any circumstances 90° is hot, but this time of the year that 90 is just a degree above the NORMAL daytime high. So is it hot or seasonal? Personally I think the forecast should read “Sunny, and Seasonal.” But how do you not say hot?

It is a no win situation. You’d flip if you read the notes we sometimes get from folks discussing such things. (All good-intentioned comments by the way. Keep em coming.) But it gets to the point that I almost cannot wait for 96° tomorrow because at that point the discussion is ended and it is just hotter than a foot blister. “Seasonal” didn’t even dress for the game.

Beyond tomorrow we get back to that quandary about adjectives. Temps will sit at 90 or 91 degrees through mid-week next week. So are we in a seasonal trend or a hot one? After 5 day’s of 90° I think hot.



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