MIDDLE RIVER, Md. (WJZ) — Another protest was held outside Vince’s Crabhouse in Middle River Friday morning, this time protesters said they will continue demonstrating until the business has to close its doors.

Vince’s Crabhouse has been at the center of a social media storm after a post from one of its owners went viral.

Kellie Vaughan, the organizer of Shut Down VCH Protest group, said she felt personally betrayed by Vince Meyer’s Facebook post calling it “disrespectful” to the Black community.

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Vaughan, who called herself a customer of Vince’s Crabhouse, spoke about how she did everything she could to keep the protests peaceful, diffusing any heated situations — many of which, she alleged were triggered by the business owners themselves.

She said the business owners allegedly came out and taunted protesters, aimed sprinklers at them and created an environment where customers threatened protesters with violence.

“You can’t love my money and not my skin color,” Vaughan said Friday.

The protesters said both employees and customers have used derogatory terms toward them. They said they have been spit on and flipped off.

“Until we see a ‘For Lease’ sign on the building, our mission is to keep pressing on, our mission is to change this world into a world where racism is not tolerated,” she continued.


Their statements come after the business owners said protesters were threatening them and sued the Baltimore County executive for failing to protect Vince’s Crabhouse from unlawful protestors.

“We have had threatening phone calls all day long to the crabhouse,” Brenda Meyer of Vince’s Crabhouse said at a press conference Wednesday.

In the midst of protests over George Floyd’s death, Vince Meyer posted to Facebook:

“There is one place I bet protesters/rioters won’t light on fire or break into or even block the road to…the social services building.”

He later apologized.

“When I made the statement that started this whole mess, it was definitely not a racial statement. It was based on just what I was seeing,” Vince Meyer of Vince’s Crabhouse said.

“That was not a racist statement. Some may have taken it that way because we all perceive things differently, but that was about protesters and looters,” Brenda Meyer added.

Protesters have gathered outside the Middle River crab house for weeks, and the Meyers report they have been followed home and harassed since the post went viral.

Vince Meyer said he has regrets about the post.

“I definitely regret saying it,” he said. “Just because it is so offensive. People took it that way, they took it the wrong way.”

On Monday, the county said it does not comment on pending litigation.

Comments (12)
  1. Frank says:

    he appologized. if you all are that mad about it you should protest and cancel joe biden, ralph northam, saturday night live as a whole, many late night talk show hosts, etc also because they have said many racist things, posted racist things, and performed in black face. But they are leftists so they are ok

  2. Kingfish says:

    They are all plagues against our civil society. That’s because they are useless and have no life! #WhiteLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter BLM..HAHAHAHAHA depends who you are asking!

  3. K Nowledge says:

    Funny how they don’t seem to have jobs to go to?

  4. Bill Smiths says:

    These people are hypocrites, they will not protest the black-on-black murders in the city, but will spend hours protesting a crab house. As a person of color, you just can’t take these people seriously when they shirk the true issues in our community. And, no doubt they don’t work and if I had to guess, if Vince’s made a donation to their BS cause he would be the best thing since sliced bread. I have bought from Vince’s and will continue shop there.

    1. Chris Piper says:

      How the heck do you know if these people have protest against inner city crime or not? Are they supposed to protest it 24 hours per day, 7 days per week just to satisfy you?

      The issue is, whites like yourself (Yeh you’re white, you’re not fooling anybody). The issue is that you don’t like to see blacks stand up to injustice and or unfair treatment, as soon as they do, you have issue with it.

  5. Goth says:

    Johnny Olszewski is part of the problem. While protest is one thing but sheer harassment is another. Clearly this will continue to escalate. Customers should not be intimated if they want to go to anyplace to eat. Stop hiding Mr. Olszewski and address this issue.

  6. Calvin Harper says:

    Yeah that sounds about right–destroy a man’s livelihood just because his son said something you don’t like.

    1. Chris Piper says:

      Next time don’t target blacks with welfare comments when 50 million whites take part in welfare themselves. Then you won’t have to worry next time about there being backlash on your business…Because that’s exactly what he did, and trying to play dumb to this fact just makes it worse…

  7. Pete Wagner says:

    Large black groups and all-you-can-eat places tend to have contrasting interests.

  8. Phil says:

    I like crab !

  9. Bill Smiths says:

    I love how these beta-males come on here ad try and justify the deviant behavior of these “protester” and ignore the real issue. You truly are a slave to the white liberal.

    1. Chris Piper says:

      I love how men on the right coin themselves as alphas and call left men “Snowflakes”. Meanwhile millions of right wing men, all they do is troll around social media 24.7 online….Sounds pretty “Snowflake” if you ask me…

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