BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  There has been celebration and condemnation after protesters tore down Baltimore’s Christopher Columbus statue and toss it into the Inner Harbor.

“I don’t give a damn that he is in the harbor right now,” said Jessica Dickerson, with Indigenous Strong.

The videos showed protesters removing it and throwing it into the Inner Harbor.


On Sunday, celebrations were led by Indigenous Strong.

“That is where he belongs,” Dickerson said.

The group called the statue’s removal a victory.

“Today was a victory for the entire Native American community,” said Kayla Moore.

“We don’t get many wins, right? This is a small but big win, he was a murderer to my people,” Dickerson said.

Gov. Larry Hogan said these actions “should be condemned by everyone.”

He added in a statement:

“While we welcome peaceful protests and constructive dialogue on whether and how to put certain monuments in context or move them to museums or storage through a legal process, lawlessness, vandalism, and destruction of public property are completely unacceptable. That is the antithesis of democracy and should be condemned by everyone, regardless of their politics. Baltimore City leaders need to regain control of their own streets and immediately start making them safer.” Gov. Hogan said. 

The statue was located along Eastern Avenue in downtown Baltimore.

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott said in a statement that he supported Baltimore’s Italian-American community and Baltimore’s indigenous community, but cannot support Columbus.

“I suggested that the last administration remove this statue when they removed the Confederate monuments. I support Baltimore’s Italian-American community and Baltimore’s indigenous community. I cannot, however, support Columbus.” Scott said. 

“This is a monument to Italian Americans,” said John Pica Jr., Chairman of Little Italy’s Columbus Day Commemoration.

Some from the Italian American community in Baltimore were filled with anger.

“It’s not right,” said Tony Injeian.

Tony tried to bring the statue back up Sunday, but the rope broke.

“I’m a little disappointed that the rope broke,” Injeian said.

Maryland House of Delegates Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga added her own comments to Gov. Larry Hogan’s on Sunday, criticizing Baltimore leaders for their response to the unrest.

In part, saying, “This is beyond statues, it’s about lawlessness and the approval of it by political and police leadership.”

A spokesman from Baltimore Mayor Jack Young said the mayor has instructed the police commissioner to arrest those involved if they are able to identify anyone, and he does not agree with “the defacing of the statues nor the destruction of property.”

Others are vowing to continue Columbus’ legacy.

“We’re gonna celebrate Columbus Day no matter what happens,” Pica said.

Celebrations continued on Sunday, however, among a community who said they’re fighting for more than just a statue.

“It’s a symbol, and it’s a symbol of acceptance for what happened to Native Americans. It represents just hate,” Moore said.

Annie Rose Ramos

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  1. Listen Up!!! says:

    Hogan- wake up, remove and relocate the statues on taxpayer funded land that offend and problem solved. The time has come to remove statues of racists, slave owners, confederates & those who advocated the slaughter of millions of indigenous Americans & stole their land

    You remove & safely relocate them to private property or museums or angry mobs will tear them down- your choice.

    PS-Trump said he would protect them, guess he lied again?

    1. Me says:

      An angry mob tore down a statue of Frederick Douglass in Rochester NY. That was just as wrong as tearing down the statue of Columbus, but that’s what happens when laws are selectively enforced and our ‘leaders’ encourage a mob rules mentality. Both acts were destruction of public property and should be punished accordingly. We have laws for a reason, if you don’t like something, follow the process to get them changed.

  2. GLG says:

    I woulod rather see them taken down & put where people want them which is not here- they are works of art so preserve them but not on public spaces. Sell them to pay for new statues and let people pick who-let it be an italian who did good in the US not eveil Columbus was never even here anyhow and how could he discover anythign where there were already lots of people???????

  3. LDH says:

    Had this been a lawful removal of a statue that would be one thing, but this was the result of violent acts of people who at best have very short vision. Angrily topple statue after statue but if you think the vast silent majority of Americans is going to support politicians who are OK with this you’re naive. With every illegal violent act that “protesters” are committing, they are swaying the vote the opposite direction from which they presumably should be trying to sway it to. Trump couldn’t ask for a better playbook and that makes me immensely sad. So yeah, go ahead and win a quick “battle” for “your people” and in the process set yourself up to lose any actual progress. Anger and illegal acts, even when supported by the mayor, do not win the hearts of anyone to your cause except the chorus you’re already singing in and to.

  4. #White Lives Matter says:

    I think we should throw the lawbreaker protesters in the harbor! Plagues against our civil society! Commissioner crème aka the mayors personal puppet has to wait for mayor useless to tell him make arrest, REMEMBER crème puff the oath YOU took was to uphold ALL law, you don’t get to pick and choose! You are a disgrace to this city, the badge and the uniform ad a despicable human being! A $300,000 puppet who can’t blow his own nose w/o checking with mayor useless first!

  5. Keki says:

    …so just call the police and tell them who they are………oh you don’t know either? Then how can you fault the mayor et al for not arresting them? Protesting is NOT illegal it is a Constitutional right. Destroying property is illegal – it is not classified as a violent crime. . Most of those there were not involved in removing the statue and there was no violence..

    Throw them in the harbor? Most of them were whites, I thought white lives mattered?

    As for Trump, didn’t he promise to protect the statues? Another failure to add to his resume- he’s dead meat anyhow.

    Most people support removing the statues it should be clear by now one way or another they are coming down. Not trying to justify crimes, just that most people don;t have a huge problem with a non violent crime that accomplishes what people have been peacefully asking for, Support for Trump is what is decreasing-most people agree w/ the protesters & their right to protest and see thru his lies and trying to pretend like COVID .does not exist as he fails to handle it and thinks statues are more important

    1. me says:

      I guess you’re OK with the statue of Frederick Douglass being torn down in Rochester NY then? See that’s the problem with this type of mob rules mentality. it’s all good when you agree with the mob, but not so much when you don’t.
      So, if I find something offensive I can just tear it down regardless of what other people think? Good to know! We have laws for a reason – to prevent people from doing whatever they feel like.

    2. Arnold Ziffel says:

      When disgusting people like you and your ilk embrace Marxists and Marxism, you stand with every one of the murdering dictators in the last 100 years that had the same philosophy. 150 million dead at the hands of Marxists is enough. You people are going to be stopped soon enough.By the way, thanks for helping to reelect Trump!

  6. Mike B says:

    Hitler and his Thugs tore down statues, banned books and movies just like these demonrats are doing. It’s time to lock and load or next they will want to put people in camps and Exterminate them.

  7. King Julian says:

    so the interesting thing is brandon scott did not say the the criminal protesters were wrong for their vandalism. more than likely he is the next mayor so from that you can see the city is going to spiral deeper into that rabbit hole, guess he needs to stay ahead of chicago

  8. Stonewall says:

    Kristallnacht in Baltimore! While the Clown Posse that serves as City Management applauds, or is silent, on this caper our town reaches another new low. Who gave the “Stand Down” order?

  9. Sue Smith says:

    The Kunta Kinte statue in Annapolis offends me. Do I have a right to tear is down and throw it in Ega Alley?

  10. Tom Owens says:

    All Italian-Americans should boycott all Baltimore establishments and events until another Columbus statue is re-installed in its place!

  11. Goth says:

    Another prime example of the do nothing democrats of Baltimore. They don’t know what law and order even means. Sad.

  12. Bill Smiths says:

    No doubt those people don’t even live around there and came there to commit havoc. Baltimore truly is done and on the fast track to being the next Detroit….broke….run by buffoonish democrats who constantly rip the joint off. What can you say but NO HOPE NO CHANGE.

  13. Mr. Mason says:

    Trump said he would bring back law and order & he has absolute power over states (“When somebody’s the president of the United States, the authority is total”, so how’s that working out for ya? Trump is running the country, he said so, he is god. His word is good, we have law and order now, just look around, so much law and order in Trump’s AmeriKKKa, low unemployment, healthy happy people………..Oh snap, wait a minute!

    This country is going to heII and Americans are dying while Trump tweets lies, worries about ratings & plays golf.

    How can you look at people and tell where they came from? They could just as well be locals oh yeah, they could be secret forces from Botswana, you never know. Look around, the Dems are getting a lot done, statues are coming down, the Confederate flag bans widen and soon Trump will be history, the biggest mistake in American history.

  14. Goth says:

    Another democratic run down place no law and order.

  15. Billy Bubba Redhat says:

    Not true, Trump brought back law & order & has supreme power over all states- he said so himself & he never lies.

    They ain’t gonna catch them you can’t tell who it is. You know who it is call police

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