BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Crews retrieved most of the Christopher Columbus statue Monday morning after it was thrown into Baltimore’s harbor late Saturday.

The Christopher Columbus statue was recovered Monday after it was toppled by protesters over the weekend and thrown into the harbor.

It took a crane and divers to pull up pieces of the statue out of the water near Little Italy. Now, the Italian community is vowing to put the Columbus statue back together again.

“We’re putting him back together because that is an Italian thing!” Gia Blattermann, of Cafe Gia in Little Italy.

“It took diving crews and a crane to bring all of the statue up. Members of the Italian American community organizing an effort to recover the statue.

On Sunday, several people from the Little Italy community tried to retrieve the statue with a rope but were unsuccessful.

“I’m a little disappointed that the rope broke,” Tony Injeian said.

“The statue is going to be restored,” said John Pica Jr. with the Associated Italian American Charities of Maryland.

They vowed to reassemble Columbus at a secret place.

“You won’t see him again but we’re putting him back together,” Blatterman said.

The statue was pulled down Saturday night, then dragged across the brick pavers before protestors tossed it into the harbor.

“I don’t give a damn that he is in the harbor right now,” Jessica Dickerson, with Indigenous Strong, said Sunday.

The news of the fallen statue left many with a wide range of emotions

“Today was a victory for the entire Native American community,” said Kayla Moore.

“He was a murderer to my people!” Dickerson said.


“The way he was taken down, I don’t agree with,” Sarah Nguyen said.

The statue, dedicated in 1984, is now the latest statue to fall during nationwide outrage over images that many feel signify racism and oppression, but for Italian Americans “it’s an insult to Italian Americans.”

“The Italian community feels betrayed!” Blatterman said.

“He created a kind of highway for all immigrants,” said Pica. “That’s how my grandparents got here.”

Governor Larry Hogan condemning the actions, saying in a statement: “Baltimore city leaders need to regain control of their own streets.”

The mayor instructed the police commissioner to identify those involved in Saturday’s events and make arrests.

In a statement police commissioner Michael Harrison said, “as the Baltimore Police Department was responding to several life and death incidents across the city, a small number of officers were assigned to assist with peaceful protests taking place in the downtown area. As the number of protesters grew, it was tactically unsafe for those few officers to position themselves between the protestors and the Christopher Columbus Statue in attempt to prevent vandalism and destruction. While we strongly oppose the destruction of property in our city, we will continue to mitigate any risk of injury to protestors and our officers. A full investigation of the destruction and vandalism of the statue is underway and we intend to hold those violators accountable.”

You should arrest people who did that,” Pica said. “You should put them in jail.”

Folks like Blatterman said they hope to replace this statue here with another prominent Italian like Michelangelo or Mother Cabrini, she’s the patron saint of immigrants.

Annie Rose Ramos

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  1. King Julian says:


  2. Sick of Liberals says:

    Go for it guys!

  3. King Julian says:

    who paid for it

  4. Joe g says:

    If Mayor Young is serious about finding the perpetrators of this horrible criminal act, The Baltiimore PD needs to run the video of the staute coming down to help identify the ones responsible… find them and prosecute them… stop the nonsense!

  5. King Julian says:

    mayor are you going to put it back, if not why did you waste the money

  6. Goth says:

    Mayor Young won’t do a thing and the perpetrators know it. Stand down in Baltimore. If they wanted to do something it would have been done. Democrats at their finest.

  7. a senior citizen says:

    How are they going to ID people wearing black clothing, masks, gloves and hoodies or hats/helmets? It could be your mom and you could not recognize her. I doubt very seriously any arrests will result as there is no way to ID anyone who was actually involved in removing it (as opposed to just watching) and there will be no viable fingerprints on stone after several days in the water. What exactly do you expect the mayor to do when nobody knows who any of the people are? There is probably a police report, so what can they do? If you know who did it, by all means call the police and give them a list of names. Where were you that night?

    Go ahead and put it back together and then display that slave trader (who never set foot in what is now the USA) on private property and celebrate slavery to your hearts’ content. If it had been on private property to start with or had been moved to it when society changed and most no longer wish to honor slave owners & traders on public owned land, we would not be having this conversation. Toop bad slavery is not an insult to the Italian community- maybe you guys could replace it with a statue of Mussolini?

  8. The Norwood Family says:

    Good to know the Italian American community reveres a slave trader like Columbus, who enslaved indigenous people, carried some back to Europe in chains and slaughtered them to steal their land.

    This family will not patronize businesses in Little Italy ever again. Enjoy your statue!

    1. Mark Thompson says:

      Glad to see racism towards Italians is now normalized.

  9. Chef Boyardee says:

    What do you expect from a lousy country that has a long rich history of slavery – that allied with Hitler and sent Italian Jews to die in the camps- some of them on Italian soil?

    Eff Little Italy they can take their monument to slavery and shove it. You are just inviting violent protesters to destroy your businesses now………..and I hope they do it……here where Trump vowed to bring back law & order LOL………………

  10. Morey Ladini says:

    Little Italy can probably stick the statue somewhere in the back of a restaurant…and the Norwood Family can eat instead over at Chef Boyardee’s…(just bring a can opener).
    It’s a Win-Win for everyone!

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