PASADENA, MD. (WJZ) — Cleanup is underway after a group celebrating a child’s birthday gets trapped in a detached garage when a tree fell on top of it.

Residents of Dunn Road and Lake Ave said the storm came out of nowhere. Many said they thought for sure it was a tornado, “It’s like a tornado they’re not calling it a tornado but to me it was,” said Shirley Youngbar, who now has trees in her pool.

John Ferdock said a tree split and fell on the back of his house.

“It was like a freight train coming through the wind was just tremendous,” Ferdock said.

Robert Stancavage was cleaning up his yard Monday after the Sunday night storm and said he heard the warning come across the radio, and by the time he reacted the storm was in his back yard. “The storm just hit everything was ok then all of a sudden it just hit we didn’t have any warning.”

Ferdock said it came and went.

“And it was over within a couple minutes it was gone like sun was coming out and it was back to normal,” he said.

As tree removal companies were on scene to assist with the cutting and hauling away of large trees, Josh Windsor said you don’t need a tornado to have severe damage like this. The National Weather Service confirmed the storm was a microburst.

“Regular microburst, nothing crazy just a storm but you see what it can do,” said Windsor, who reminded people to keep their trees pruned and cut away dead limbs as they are the pieces that usually snap off and cause damage.

The home on Dunn Road where 21 people were injured was surrounded in red tape. The family there did not wish to speak to WJZ on Monday but neighbor Ferdock told us, “I heard the adults actually shielded the children by throwing their bodies on top of them so god bless them fortunately no fatalities.”

The Anne Arundel County Fire Dept said one patient has critical injuries, 6 have serious injuries and 14 have minor injuries. All are expected to survive.

Rachael Cardin


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