ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland Delegate Nino Mangione is introducing a bill ahead of next year’s legislative session aimed at protecting monuments.

This comes after a group tore down the Christopher Columbus statue Saturday night in Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood and threw it into the water.


Mangione’s Monument Protection Act of 2021 would make it illegal to damage, destroy or vandalize a monument, memorial or “statue of historical significance” in the state. Punishments would range from a mandatory six months behind bars and up to $500 fine for minor damage to up to a decade in prison and a $2,500 fine for major damage.”

In a statement, Mangione said, in part:

“The lawless behavior we have seen exhibited in recent days by Antifa like mobs is a threat and embarrassment to every Marylander. This legislation holds these criminals accountable for their behavior and seeks to put an end to this lawlessness. I regret having to take this step but it is necessary given what has happened and the total failure of Baltimore’s elected leadership to take action. They have encouraged this behavior by sitting on their hands and doing nothing.”

Mangione said that he would begin adding co-sponsors in the House and looking for a cross-file in the Senate immediately.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL- yeah like that’ll stop people in their tracks! What they did was already illegal & it did not stop them. Some states have a death penalty and that does not stop people from killing each other. If people want to commit crimes, they will, and a penalty will not stop or even deter them. Laws and stiff sentences do not stop crime. There are lots of people glad to do 6 months in jail to get rid of a statue.

    Statues are the same as store mannequins, park benches or my bike, they are just personal or municipal property that the laws already apply to.

    There is no evidence whatsoever that all or any of those involved (none of whom have been identified) were with Antifa, BLM, the young Republicans, the KKK, Jerry’s kids or any other group. I was raised to believe fascists were bad, has that changed? I attend a lot of anti Trump protests and the only thing I belong to is the AARP & a church. They are making Antifa out to be something it is not and saying any and all protesters belong to it and are so paranoid they have invented the ridiculous “deep state” conspiracy theory. Why can’t anyone accept, same as when I was a kid in the 60’s, bored kids get into mischief and commit acts of vandalism and buck the “establishment”? .We used to put peace signs on everything and put yellow stars on US mailboxes to make them look like Viet Cong flags. The laws did not stop us either!

    PS I grew up to get a PhD and taught high school for over 30 years, maybe I taught your kids?

  2. Hep Katt says:

    ha ha ha if laws and threats of punishment prevented crime there wouldn’t be any. If they knew who did it they would go arrest them. Most people who commit a crime in this country get away w/ tit always have and prob always will Face it if someone wants to steal your car kick over tombstones or topple a statue they are gonna just do it and not worry about getting caught or the maximum possible punishment in a city where people shoot each other almost daily and openly buy and sell drugs & wave guns around.

    Get rid of the statues that most peopel want gone and problem solved

  3. boyZZZ inda HOod says:

    thaTs a jOKE I wanna pull over or Throw pAINT on a statue or somethin me and some friends just go do it VanDals do wHat they wanna dO

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