TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — Demonstrators gathered in Towson on Thursday, calling for police reform.

The group rallied behind a new bill which calls for a number of changes to the Baltimore County Police Department.

The bill is drafted by Baltimore County Councilman Julian Jones. It includes banning chokeholds, requiring officers to intervene when another officer uses force and yearly training.

In the crowd were families of local people killed at the hands of police. That included Korryn Gaines’ father. He said police officers are too aggressive and respond to calls where they aren’t needed.

Councilman Jones said he thinks this bill will make a good police department an even better one.

The Baltimore County Police Department said Chief Hyatt is aware of the proposed bill and does have some concerns. She said she looks forward to having conversations with the councilman.

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  1. DoobieD says:

    clearly increased accountability & reform is needed and some officers need more training. If 4 cops can’t get one unarmed man in handcuffs w/o killing him, its the cops that got the problem. 3 cops can’t arrest a women and instead punch her in the face? WRONG! It was wrong of her to punch the cop, it was worse one of them punched her. Cops need to be stable enough not to lose it and act out of anger. That cop should be fired. Arrest yes assault no

  2. Olefart says:

    this in the same list w a story about arresting a crooked cop. yeah, the cops are broken, they need to fix it they have killed too many people and are not trusted by many anymore crime is running rampant that outta tell you something Trump campaigned on bringing back law and order- he failed miserably on that too.

  3. Joe G says:

    Part of the new training should include when to have Police walk away from a situation. Maybe when the next KG type incident arises, the Police just clear out, call a community appointed leader/counselor, wait for their arrival and let them go into the apartment (UNARMED, so as not to upset the person with the gun pointed at their family) and handle the crisis. Then after the mentally unstable person shoots their entire family, then maybe themselves. the Police can go in and clean up. Lets try that for awhile and see how quickly the Police get blamed for NOT intervening. The proud men and women who risk their lives to protect and serve are in a lose/lose atmosphere due to the horrible actions of a few bad apples.

  4. King Julian says:

    Little O has plans for Baltimore County to become Baltimore city, this will take place on Aug 28 2020

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