Hi Everyone!

Back in the studio this week and back on the morning shift. I point this out for a reason. For close to four decades, I have been coming to work in the dark. Getting up now, every other week in the daylight, takes some getting used to. And a part of that is not seeing the stars I am used to keeping company with every start to a work day. Look, I know after dark the stars are out but the overnight sky has its own personality.

For example, when I walk out the door I face West and there is the Big Dipper. It is huge constellation. Heck the stars themselves are brighter I guess the city and suburban lights are at their least then. The planets, if you get used to letting your eyes find a depth of field, show our solar system in legit 3D.

On this morning shift I usually, this time of the year I am asleep long before the day’s very last light. When I work the afternoon shift it is amazing how long it takes the sky to really get totally dark. It kind of throws me off on the PM shift when I look at the clock and it is 9:30 ish (I won’t even get into the difference in sound between going to bed when it is silent as opposed to still active.)

Today will be a pretty standard Summer day with a bit of humidity and high near 90°. There is a chance of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm. For those of us with a very early bedtime, though, those storms make for some great sleeping. AND some very fresh very early air.


  1. Barbara says:

    Why does Marty Bass always stand directly in front of the weather maps while he is talking?

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