Hi Everyone!

A tad more comfortable today than yesterday, and tonight much the same. A little break in the heat action. Which has to be July’s weather headline at this point.

Yesterday, Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram crunched some numbers and it’s been a hot July. So far we are 4.8° above normal with the hottest day’s being 96° on both July 3 and July 6.

But let’s put that close to 5° above normal in perspective.

We are in the hottest period of the year to begin with. Now add, essentially 5° to that and we are cooking . (Conversely in the deep of Winter, when the polar vortex slides in, the same deal occurs just on the opposite side of the thermometer.)

And it appears the forecast of weekend heat may have been a bit too conservative for the reality of the moment then. The mid 90’s are still the forecast but now add in, “OFFICIALLY” the word, “sticky.” Not humid but sticky. The heat index will be right at 100 big ones! That will be about 11° above normal. So that 4.8 number will rise. And that is impressive.

 How’s 2020 going  for ya so far?



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