Hi Everyone!

One more day of standard July weather, then here comes the hot and sticky. We have been talking about all week.

And just a quick heads up that the forecast highs and lows have been amped up.

Especially Sunday and Monday with daytime highs right at or exactly 100° and lows just shy of 80°.

You know how I always talk about consistency in a forecast being a good thing. Well, Mother Nature put two fingers down and here comes the curve ball.

At least when it comes to thunderstorm activity, there has been no big change in thinking. Let’s just hope Mom Nature is not visiting the mound to talk to the pitcher.

Hey, how about those two baseball references in one thought? Hey, baseball is on my mind to be honest. A week from tomorrow we open on the road against Boston and by the time the home opener occurs we should be back to normal late July weather in the Mid-Atlantic.

At that point the upper 80’s will feel great. Hmm, I never thought I’d see baseball this year or write what I just wrote.

Ahhh, the pleasant upper 80’s will return.