BOSTON (WJZ) — The Orioles opened up their 2020 season at Fenway Park in Boston against the Red Sox Friday night.

A special pregame ceremony was held as a show of unity in the fight against racial injustice.

Both the Orioles and Red Sox took a knee before the National Anthem, holding a black ribbon to recognize the Black Lives Matter movement.

The entire Baltimore Orioles team kneels during a Black Lives Matter demonstration prior to first pitch against the Boston Red Sox on Opening Day at Fenway Park. (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

During the National Anthem, the Orioles stood and locked arms in unison.

“One team. United for change. #BlackLivesMatter.” the team posted to its social media pages.

Martinez Has 3 RBIs, Red Sox Beat Orioles 13-2 In Opener

During pregame warm-ups, the Orioles also wore Black Lives Matter T-shirts.

The Orioles lost their first game of the season 13-2.

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  1. Kingfish says:

    BLM are thugs and plagues against our civil society!

    No respect for the Orioles , will never support them again! Hope you lose every game losers, decaying team like the decaying violent city.

  2. Lou says:

    The Orioles already losers, and so the losing streak starts what a waste…ENJOY!!

  3. chrissfarmer says:


    I am not a thug nor am I Black nor do I have your pre school grasp of the English language and asinine “logic”. You might want to look up subject verb agreement, how to use commas and how to form complete sentences……..if you can find a third grade textbook. Try the library, that’s the big building with all the books in it that you have never been to.

    Athletes have the same freedom of speech we all do and we are going to see most of them take up the BLM cause and abandon racism and ignorant racists. Sorry, no more Confederate flags either! The police do not have the right to kill unarmed people. In another twenty years Whites will be a minority in the USA so I suggest you racists learn how to say “I can’t breathe.” with a knee on your neck because your days are numbered.

    God put all my White ancestors in Europe, so maybe they should have stayed there, or at the least, picked their own tobacco when they came over here? If you don’t like living here, by all means MOVE! If you don’t like baseball, why would you read a story about it?

  4. BLM is a Marxist and racist political organization. It’s much like the KKK.

    There’s no crying in baseball. Or kneeling.

  5. Robert Gibson says:

    After 50 years of supporting the Orioles I am choosing to side with the police. Goodbye MLB, I hope making America’s pastime political was worth it. Do you really think the BLM rioters will fill your stadium? We the old guard, the veterans, real working Americans that support public safety don’t believe they will and you will not get another dollar from us.

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