COCKEYSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — After a Black Lives Matter sign was stolen from a home in Cockeysville, hundreds more were ordered to replace it.

Living on a fairly busy street across from an elementary school, Lana Hill gets a good amount of foot traffic outside her home.

“I felt like it was important for everyone to know they’re welcome here in this neighborhood,” Hill said.

She did that with a Black Lives Matter sign. She stuck it on her lawn where it sat for about three weeks until she woke up one morning to find it missing.

“I am aware of the climate that we’re in right now and I figured that was probably just a matter of time,” Hill said. “Our only thought was, ‘Well, we’re gonna put up two this time.'”

But when she went to order a new sign, she realized they only came in packs of 10, so she offered up a few on Facebook.

“My original post said, ‘Hey, woke up this morning to find that somebody had stolen our Black Lives Matter sign. I’m ordering a pack of 10. If anyone else would like one, please let me know,'” Hill said.

The response was overwhelming. To date, she’s ordered 220 signs with more orders to come.

“There’s only so much we can do when we’re never going to understand, but we can support,” said Sara Rivenburgh.

“People shouldn’t have to be afraid to walk out of their house and not come home, back to their families,” said Gail Kapsambelis.

“This is a dramatic change for this neighborhood, and it’s a welcome change,” said Dianna Morgan.

While Hill says the response has been mostly positive, there are some that aren’t thrilled with what she’s doing.

In the middle of WJZ’s interview with Hill, someone driving by yelled for her to take down the signs. Her response: “Have a good day.”

“It’s about using my platform, our location, my privilege to be able to amplify the message that Black Lives Matter,” she said.

Hill said she plans to continue ordering signs for her neighbors for as long as they want them, and she encourages you to do the same thing in your community.

Sean Streicher

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  1. chrissfarmer says:

    Good for them! Our neighborhood is full of them &, so far, so good. It makes our community so much better that we care for and respect one another.

    BLM is not anti anything but police murdering unarmed people. It just so happens that moist of the ones they kill are Black and you can’t name three unarmed White people police killed. Most police are well trained and would not kill someone by kneeling on their neck or ignoring them shouting “I CAN’T BREATHE!” until they die. The problem is the bad cops, not all cops. Some need training and some need to find another job more suited to them.

  2. Steph says:

    If she was really down with the cause instead of wasting money on useless signs she should have donated her stimulus check to some needy black families in the city.

  3. Bill Smiths says:

    I’m so glad these white folks are dealing with their white guilt by purchasing signs from an organization which does nothing to help with the out of control black-on-black murders. Just look at Chicago, they didn’t protest when fourteen people, all of whom are black were shot. I sure didn’t hear BLM offer to help pay for hospital bills or funeral cost. Smart black folks know BLM is a scam run by evil white liberals. All you need do is ask yourself WHERE IS ALL THAT MONEY GOING……cause we sure haven’t seen it here in Baltimore.

    1. Sal Ling says:

      I bet there isn’t a black family living no where near this woman’s house with the numerous signs in her yard. As soon as black families start to move in her hood she would be the first to complain or move out. I doubt it is even legal in Baltimore county for her to have so many signs in her front yard.

  4. bep777 says:

    She is supporting a hoax based on a lie.

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