BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A memorial ride for fallen motorcyclists on Sunday comes with a message for the driving public.

Especially in the summer months, bikers say they want people to check twice before turning or switching lanes, a simple action they say can save a life.

“Bikers are parents, grandparents, we work, we’re just like any other person but we love the sport of motorcycling,” said Trini House, a rider.

A rider named Chris Beggs died five years ago while on his bike when a pedestrian ran out in front of him. The men and women rode for him on Sunday.

“He loved to ride, he loved to ride the track street, he was always on a bike that was his thing, he loved to ride bikes,” said Johnnathan Tiller, the event’s organizer.

In the fifth of this memorial ride, bikers said they want drivers to check twice now more than ever.

“A lot of distracted drivers, with cell phones, there is a lot of distraction now,” Tiller said.

“Motorcycles are going to be on the highway, on the road, we want to bring awareness and show people we are part of the roadways and we gotta be seen,” said David Lamkin, a rider.

Two hundred riders hit the street Sunday to show their support for each other and do something they all love.

“We want to make it home to our families just like you’re in your car and want to make it home to your families,” House said.

Trini House started a clothing line for riders called Blu Bully to protect them in case of a fall or crash.

“We want everybody to be safe, there are a lot of people that don’t have gear and don’t want gear because it’s too expensive but we want to make it affordable,” House said.

Bikers advise drivers to stay in their lane when a bike is around you, give them space as they travel and don’t brake suddenly to protect those on the road.

Rachael Cardin


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