Hi Everyone!

Good to be back with you, here on TV Hill for this week. My inside week as we call it. It is all about COVID and keeping the building and others safe. You know the story. And this day we start this week with a WIN! Legit and for real. And this WIN is about the heat index.

Today we are forecasting 98°, but a heat index of only 101°. ONLY 101° you may be saying to yourself? Yep, and here is the deal. The humidity, while present is only in the moderate range. Earlier this month we had upper 90’s forecast but the humidity was through the roof and we had a heat index darn close to 110°. It is all in the numbers, and given what could be that 101° is a WIN.

The mid 90’s tomorrow, so a bit cooler and that is good because it will be a bit more humid, and the heat index will again be around 100°. But o the south side of that century mark. Call it another WIN if you will.



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