PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — After finishing up his four years as a Terrapin on the University of Maryland’s men’s basketball team, Anthony Cowan Jr. is giving kids something to do after months in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After Cowan finished his four-year career at Maryland, like many, he found himself with not a lot to do in quarantine. So, he thought of a way he could give back to young Marylanders.

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“I found myself just so bored at home and I always saw kids reaching out to me on Instagram, Twitter, just asking me what can they do to get better in their game,” Cowan said.

So, he started a workout program for kids at his home in Bowie. 14-year-old Jake Schloss started going after being out of school for months

“Most of us were inside just hanging out, being bored, but then [Cowan] came and we all just went outside and played basketball for the whole day,” Schloss said.

Cowan’s mom, Jenny, wanted to bring him closer to Baltimore since there was a lot of interest from teens in the area.

“I said to Anthony, ‘You need to come out this way, and there are so many kids who will come and do it,'” Cowan’s mother said. “He came out and we just filled his day with kids coming every hour.”

Now, the program is expected to be held once a week in Pikesville throughout the summer for kids to continue to practice.

Cowan said he noticed it’s made a big difference in their skills, and for him, that makes all the difference.

“When you see them picking it up, and when they finally get it, and when they tell you they went home and worked on it and they just got better on it, that’s the best thing about it,” Cowan said.

While Cowan is preparing for the NBA Draft and heading to New York soon, he said he’s planning to continue to work with kids.

You can email jennyschloss@yahoo.com to find out how to sign up for the program.

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