By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hi Everyone!

Finally, we are getting a break. Wednesday will only feel like 94°. (The forecast high, by the way, is 92°).

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Only 94°, that will tell you how oppressive it has been just the past couple of days much less this month, so far. Yes I know we only have a couple of days left in July but it ain’t over yet.

I point this out because so far this month we have had 23 days at or above 90° at BWI-Marshall.

Did that just get your attention?

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The all-time record for days above 90° in July is 24 set in 2011.

We are about to tie an all-time record, and then with a 95° forecast for tomorrow, break it. Have mercy!

Think about this, given the extended outlook we will end the month with 25 days out of 31 above 90.

Oops, time for another hashtag,..#impressive. Or is it #oppressive?

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Or is it just Summer in the Mid-Atlantic. I, personally think the two go hand in sweaty hand.