ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Private schools in Montgomery County will not be able to reopen for in-person learning until at least October 1 under a new order from the county’s health officer.

The order, which County Health Officer Dr. Travis Gayles signed on Friday, takes effect at 6 a.m. on Monday.


Public schools in the county will operate virtually through the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

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Gov. Larry Hogan said he disagrees with Montgomery County’s decision to mandate the closure of private and parochial schools.

On Twitter, the governor said, “I strongly disagree with Montgomery County’s decision to mandate the closure of private and parochial schools. As long as these schools develop safe plans that follow CDC and state guidelines, they should be empowered to do what’s best for their community. This is a decision for schools and parents, not politicians.”

For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.

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  1. sam43231 says:

    This does not make sense. If a private school uses preventative measures, they can open safely. Instead of ordering them closed, the county should provide requirements and guidelines. Maybe 50% capacity, maybe require social distancing, Or maybe let the parents and the school decide. Why does the county demand control of everything and believe it knows better than parents?

  2. chrissfarmer says:

    Preventative measures……you mean the same ones a summer camp used where more than 3/4 of the kids & staff got COVID? Even more staff got it than kids. A summer camp is a bunch of kids being supervised & taught by adults, isn’t that what a school is too? If anything a camp has advantages since many of the activities take place outdoors where transmission is less likely. These were teens, who are more likely to practice good sanitation that the little ones.

    The same “preventative measures” we are using as COVID is out of control in many states, those guidelines? Anyone knows kids do not do exactly what you tell them to and do not really understand health precautions- they share items, don’t wash hands properly or at all, touch their faces, put stuff in their mouths & so on & they can not eat or drink w/ masks on. They will take them off or pull down as they do not really understand why something nobody likes to wear is so necessary.

    There is no room for “maybe” when it comes to the health of children!

    You are forgetting the third factor, the people who work at the schools. Not all of them are willing to die for what they are being paid nor are they willing to do what they believe is not in the best interest of the health of the kids.

    This will be over when it is over. Keeping people healthy is the number one priority and we KNOW things that put lots of people together like parties. rallies, bars, restaurants beaches, amusement parks, summer camps and so on cause outbreaks. We KNOW self quarantining works well to keep people healthy.

  3. Hep Katt says:

    It is pointless to reopen to make lots of kids & family members & school staff sick then close them again saying oops too soon as so many other things have. Pro sports teams summer camps tourist sites it spreads then they shut down- how many die? Yeah yaeh kids usually survive but they spread it and teachers bus drivers parents grandparents well they are not so lucky they are not kids KEEP SCHOOLS CLOSED not safe now

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