White Marsh, MD (WJZ)- Baltimore County Police have arrested two juveniles suspected of spraying several people with an aerosol spray in the area of Silver Spring Road and Honeygo Boulevard.

Officers were called to the area around 10a.m. Sunday morning where one victim says she sprayed through her open car window.

Another victim then reported being sprayed while jogging and a third was sprayed as she walked out of her home.

The suspects saw the responding officers and quickly drove away from the scene.

Just a short time later they crashed into a vehicle traveling on Perring Parkway near Taylor Avenue.

The suspects then ran from the scene but were arrested by officers a short distance from the accident.

Officers are also investigating the suspects for other unrelated crimes.

The driver of the car the suspects struck on Perring Parkway was not injured.

It is not clear at this time what exactly what the aerosol spray was that the suspects used in the assaults.




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  1. Orion says:

    so if the cops do it, it’s OK, but if some kids do it, it’s a crime?

  2. Terrence says:

    yes, you idiot, it is a crime. And in this instance, probably a hate crime.

    1. working_man says:

      Its hard to believe that you had to explain it to this person.

  3. From where did the vibrant children of color get aerosol spray? A privileged White male perhaps?

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