BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Organizers of Ceasefire Weekend and faith leaders held a prayer walk in west Baltimore on Saturday.

In a city with more than 300 homicides a year since 2015, those participating in the ceasefire prayer walk stopped at the memorial sites of young men and women.

Scott Slater is with the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.

“Each person, they had families, they were someone’s child, someone’s sibling,” Slater said.

For 72 hours, the prayer is for no bloodshed, no shots fired and no lives lost.

Barbara O’Sullivan participated in the prayer walk.

“Until this stops, every one of us is a victim of gun violence,” she said.

Slater said he believes systemic racism is one of the root causes of violence.

“Stress that is systemic and endemic in our city for those who live in these conditions,” Slater said. “We need to minimize the stress and provide better resources for people so they don’t have to make decisions to kill each other.”

As the walk progressed, people from the neighborhood joined. One man told O’Sullivan their list is not complete.

“He was thanking us for walking and remembering, but telling me even since the list was put together, there are more names, more names everyday,” she said.

Slater prayed for the City of Baltimore and the people who need saving.

“Unite us all in bonds of love, eliminate violence in all forms and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish Your purpose on earth,” Slater said.

O’Sullivan told WJZ at each stop she prayed for the victim’s family, but also for whoever pulled the trigger. She said she believes they are broken too and need healing, too.

Rachael Cardin


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