BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland Court of Special Appeals reversed the conviction of the man found guilty in the shooting death of a popular Federal Hill bartender- ruling he’s entitled to a new trial.

Last year, a jury convicted Marquese Winston of second-degree murder in the killing of Alex Wroblewski.

Wroblewski was fatally shot outside a Royal Farms store in Locust Point on his way home from work in November 2017.

The ruling states Winston’s attorneys appealed his conviction- claiming they wanted the judge to ask potential jurors certain questions, but the judge refused.

The court agreed with their argument and reversed Winston’s conviction, ordering a new trial.

  1. Tyree says:

    The Court of Special Appeals is a liberal joke. Marty O filled full of liberals who will no doubt free this dysfunctional, all in the name of social justice. And what will this savage do, he will return to the community where he will no doubt through his buffoonery and dysfunction take another life. Thank you white liberal, another job well done.

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