Hi Everyone!

Just like that we are a third of the way through August. I was discussing this with a couple of friends yesterday, and if it seems like the Summer has whizzed by it really…has not.

You need to remember we started the Summer late because of COVID-19. And that is why, “just like that” we are within a few weeks of Labor Day. But there is a lot of Summer left as you will witness, or better yet feel today.

The forecast high is 93°, but it will feel more like 102°. There will be a few shade clouds around and a mention of an isolated t-storm but that is about it. Short, sweet, sweaty, and to the point.

Over the extended outlook we have a couple of more day’s in the low 90’s. Then Thursday and though the weekend we will be in the mid 80’s. That will come with clouds and thunderstorms around but after another triple digit day I will take some gray and cooler in the outlook with gratitude. Let’s just not make it a habit. “It” being triple digit highs, and gray skies too.



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