BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New video shows the scene moments after a natural gas explosion in a northwest Baltimore neighborhood.

One man raced in to help, finding rescue teams hard at work already. He pressed record on his phone and is sharing his videos exclusively with WJZ.

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It’s a rare look at the dramatic scene as rescue crews arrived at the site of the blast off Labyrinth Road near Reisterstown Road just before 10 a.m. Monday. It shows how chaotic it was moments after the explosion.


“We smelled gas, smoke was coming,” said eyewitness Shay Brown.

“When we got back there, we notices houses — just gone,” said Robin Williams.

“It looked like a war zone,” added Brown. “It looked literally like a bomb went off.”

Looks of disbelief as rescue crews swarmed the scene, running into the rubble toward the sound of voices screaming for help.

“It was unreal, it was like something you’d see on a movie,” Williams said.

The sound of chainsaws cutting through the debris.

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“I screaming over to the firefighters, like ‘hey, he’s over there, go get him’,” Brown said.

The sound of chainsaw cutting through the debris

Smoke was billowing from where houses once stood and crews frantically working to get to those trapped inside.

“We saw the guy lift his hand up outta the rubble,” Williams said. “That’s when the firefighters drew their attention on him.”

And then a stretcher is brought in — one rescue after another, pulling seven more people from the scene.

One man is so badly burned, WJZ blurred this video because his wounds were so graphic.

“He was in horrible, horrible condition,” Brown said. “I was actually surprised the guy was still alive.”

Firefighters carried him to safely.

Many residents WJZ checked in with Tuesday said they had a tough time falling asleep last night just remembering the sound of that blast and traumatized from all the bloodshed they saw at the site.

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Annie Rose Ramos