BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After the deadly blast that killed two people and injured seven others Monday in northwest Baltimore, neighbors began helping neighbors who were displaced.

Donations poured into the Reisterstown Road Plaza on Tuesday for those who have lost so much after the deadly explosion.

“I just kept wondering and thinking that could be me. What would I want if that was me in that situation,” said Antoinetta Parrish, one of the neighbors.

Neighbors like Parrish have been donating food, water and clothes for those who can’t get into their homes right now, or don’t have a home anymore.

“I’m just here. We’re just doing what we’re supposed to do and just dropping off donations,” Parrish said.

The horrific site, and the need to help drove Bernard Arrington to show up at the Plaza with donations for people he’s never met.

“I can’t imagine the loss of a life, the loss of their homes and property,” Arrington said.

“Find out what the need is and go and provide it might not be much but a little bit can be a lot when a lot of people are bringing it together,” Arrington said.


Pamela Griffin lives just a few blocks from the explosion site.

Griffin said that she was standing where the explosion occurred, but went back into her home a few minutes before to grab a lighter pocketbook before heading to a doctors appointment.

“I would be dead,” Griffin said.

“I got family and friends there, too,” she added. “So you’re just trying to give to whoever you can and see if they’re okay… What can I do?”

The American Red Cross is also set up in the area and is meeting individually with anyone affected.

“We’ll be meeting with them one-on-one over the next few days. We’ll be providing advice. Information. We have mental health counselors we have spiritual health counselors, to begin rebuilding after this very painful and tragic event,” said Paul Carden, senior distaste program manager with American Red Cross.

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Baltimore City Councilman Isaac Schleifer said they are not accepting any more donations of clothing.

And the Red Cross said you can help these families affected by going to make a financial donation

They said they’ll be out at the Plaza for a few more days to make sure everyone is taken care of.

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