BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) — All across Maryland, small stands attract long lines for a summertime treat.

“Today, it’s blazing outside, and you can stop and get a cool snowball,” said. Erika Allen.

“Ice cream is going to melt around your hands, but this is perfect,” said Vickie Horne.

If you’re from Maryland, you know what they’re all about.

“Snowballs and crabs, we take it very seriously here,” said Benjamin Roberts, of Tropical Ice.

These local delicacies got their start in Baltimore in the early 1900s and haven’t changed since.

Blocks of ice are thinly shaved and topped with flavoring. The menu, long, with enough options to please any palette.

A must try… egg custard.

“It’s like a crème brûlée, it’s very smooth and it goes down easy,” Roberts said.

The treat is so popular, Harford County has declared August as National Snowball Month.

The county has put together a snowball trail of 12 must visit stands, like Island Ice in Aberdeen, and Friendship Snowballs in Abingdon.

“A snowball on a Baltimore day, in a hot summer, nothing better,” said Matthew Roseland, of Friendship Snowballs.

Sean Streicher


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