BALTIMORE (WJZ) — When a new snowball stand opened at Locust Point, some weren’t too happy — vandalizing and destroying property. The owner isn’t letting that get her down as the community rallies behind here.

Ice Queens opened a few months ago and top of dealing with the pandemic, they’ve faced some push back from what seems like a small group of people, but as the line of customers indicates, they are definitely be supported.

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For 22-year-old Dasia Kabia, opening a snowball stand has been a dream.

Despite battling a pandemic, that dream became a reality when they opened Ice Queens in Locust Point on Memorial Day weekend.

“To start a new business in this kind of world was, like, stressful,” Kabia said.

Adding to that stress, some made them feel less than welcome.

“From the moment that I got here, there were people saying negative things,” she said. “Why are we here, we don’t want this kind of business in our area, we don’t want you here and that was hard.”

There was even some vandalism, property stolen, and handmade signs torn down. The community outraged at these acts of hatred.

“It’s honestly really heartbreaking to hear,” said Amber Matthew.

“I think it’s horrible, it doesn’t make any sense to me,” Julia Truman said.

“It really made me angry that that’s happening here in Baltimore,” said Sean Haggerty.

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But with the bad came an overwhelming amount of good as people travel to show support for this minority-owned business.

“It’s important for people to have a chance to prosper in this country and beyond,” said Davon Collins.

“I thought that I would come down today and try their snowballs for the first time and support a Black-owned business,” Sadie Baker said.

“We’ve got to uplift them,” Truman added. “We can’t let them go through it by themselves.”

Even City Council President Brandon Scott and local police leadership stopped by.

“Who in a moment like this, when it’s as hot as it is, would try to discourage these women from running a snowball stand?” Scott asked. “[It’s] something that’s just as Baltimore as Old Bay on crabs.”

“Even with the negativity, there’s been so much positivity and so many people that are like, ‘hey we believe in you.’ And that’s been so encouraging especially at my age, especially being a Black woman,” said Kabia. “The swarm of support that came to me was amazing.”

Community Shows Up For Block Party Supporting ‘Ice Queens’ Snowball Stand, Black-Owned Business That Was Vandalized

They have been able to raise money for a new security system. In addition, police will be increasing their presence in the area.

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If you want to show your support, on Saturday they will be hosting a block party. So you can come out and try one of their snowballs.

Sean Streicher