BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Federal Hill restaurant was issued two citations from the city liquor board after violating coronavirus restrictions and open container laws.

Councilman Eric Costello posted about what lead up to Boaz’s citations on social media Friday.

According to Costello, he received multiple complaints around 10:30 p.m. Thursday about noise and outdoor drinking. When he walked down to the restaurant at 1002 Light Street, he saw about 150 patrons outside within 50 feet of the front door.

“Music was blaring from the inside, tables were set up in front of the two adjacent properties, tables were completely blocking the sidewalk, patrons were drinking outside of designated areas, patrons loitering on neighboring home’s steps, and a three-wheel vehicle parked on the sidewalk,” Costello wrote.

Costello requested the liquor board and BPD meet him onsite. The establishment was issued two citations: one for COVID-19 violations and one for open container outside of their designated approved outdoor seating areas.

The restaurant was closed down for the evening after the citations were issued.

“Unfortunately, every possible effort to encourage this establishment to follow the rules has been exhausted which has led to the citations and the actions moving forward,” Costello said.

It was the fourth time in 11 days, the establishment was inspected. Complaints came into 311 on Aug. 4 and on Aug. 5, when Boaz was issued a written warning.

On Aug. 6, Costello said he and a city inspector met with the owner and general manager about how they were violating COVID-19 restrictions. No citations were issued at that time, but another written warning was issued.

The Social Club Action Task Force will be regularly inspecting to ensure compliance. If you see issues like those described above, please call 311 before 10 p.m. or 911 after 10 p.m.


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