WASHINGTON (WJZ) — After days of police and family pleading for help in their search, Joseph Kitchen was found dead at home, leaving his family with questions and little answers.

Kitchen served as the president of the Young Democrats of Maryland. The 34-year-old went missing August 8, last seen alive at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis.

“We haven’t heard from him since,” his brother LJay Ramirez said.

His disappearance led to a frantic search in Maryland and D.C. before his body was found Sunday.

His brother put out an emotional plea for help on Saturday.

“Keep trying to find him…it’s not like my brother to just disappear,” Ramirez said.

Young Democrats Of Maryland President Joseph Kitchen Found Dead, Police Say

Last month, Joseph posted to social media, “I’ve been struggling..” and “I’m not ok…,” describing the anxiety he was feeling from not being able to see his students. He was a teacher at the Washington School for Girls.

Joseph Kitchen. Credit: Young Democrats of Maryland

With news of his death, the school shared on Facebook, “Our hearts are heavy.”

When he wasn’t teaching, Joseph was leading the Young Democrats of Maryland.

“He was the truest Democrat I ever knew, he loved the party,” Del. Wanika Fisher, a Democrat in Prince George’s County, said.

Young Democrats is a group open to registered Democrats under 36 years old. It was there Joseph worked alongside politicians throughout the state.

“Joseph Kitchen was a powerhouse,” said Eva Lewis.

“…one of the best political minds!” Fisher said.

“Every battle that was in front of me, it was Joseph who was on my side,” Sen. Cory McCray, a Democratic senator for Baltimore City, said.

“He rolled up his sleeves and he worked,” said Montgomery County State Delegate Jheanelle Wilkons.

“Always a strong champion for Maryland’s young Democrats,” Baltimore County State Delegate Sheila Ruth said.

“Joseph was doing the right thing for the right reasons,” Ben Smith with the Maryland Democratic Party said.

“Rest in power Joseph,” Ruth said.

“Rest in power, my friend, Joseph Kitchen,” McCray said.

Now, the family is looking for answers as they and so many others grieve.

“Rest easy Joseph, we got it from here and just know that we will always love you,” Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott said.

The Metro Police in DC is leading the investigation into Joseph’s death.

Annie Rose Ramos

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  1. JH says:

    They looked for him for days and found him at his home. Shouldn’t that have been the first place to look. Great detective work.

  2. Hubba Bubba says:

    Did he know the Clintons????????

  3. Jack Foobar says:

    “The last I heard from Joseph was a week ago on our Young Democrats of America call where he stood up for me talking about my recent experience and the need to push predators out of the party.”

    It sounds like he found out who runs the Demonrat Party. Half on AntiFa are convicted pedo’s, and the other half are running the Dem’s.

  4. slmcav says:

    Remember Seth Rich. Follow the data.

  5. Weak_biden says:

    “Truest democrat”?? so he touched someone’s kid I bet

  6. Anonymous says:

    isn’t it typical of republicans to get ugly in the face of a family’s grief?

    You people are really a class act…led by a man who bragged he could assault women because he’s a celebrity & played golf while his brother died.

    JH – did it not occur to you he might not have been there when they looked and later returned to his home and then died? I am not at home now, but I will be later this evening. He could have been elsewhere all the days he was missing. While the police will do a welfare check, it is not a crime for an adult to “go missing” if they so choose when there is no evidence they were forcefully taken. If an adult wants to just go off and disappear, they can.

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