LATEST: Maryland’s 7th Congressional District Race – General Election 2020 Results

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A congressional race for the 7th District is getting a lot of attention nationwide.

The Maryland woman who documented Baltimore’s blight and dumping last summer is now the Republican candidate for the seat.

Kimberly Klacik’s new ad has been seen and shared by hundreds of thousands of people.

“Do you care about Black lives? The people that run Baltimore don’t,” she’s heard saying in her ad.

The three-minute online ad titled “Black Lives Don’t Matter To Democrats” was released Monday.

The Republican candidate takes viewers on a tour through the 7th District, where she’s running against incumbent Kweisi Mfume.

Kweisi Mfume (left) and Kimberly Klacik (right).

“It’s a good ad, fast-paced, not the usual talking heads. It will get attention,” said Johns Hopkins Political Scientist Matthew Crenson.

It has gotten Klacik attention, with almost a million views on Facebook and 100,000 shares on Twitter. It taps into inner-city grievances.

“Left behind. Frustration anger,” Crenson said.

Political scientist Matthew Crenson said Klacik’s odds are still long.

“Practically impossible, even with a very good ad,” he said.

Klacik has a steep electoral hill to climb. No Republican has earned higher than 27 percent of the vote in the 7th District in the past 18 years.

Crenson said the ad leaves out policy proposals and is misleading to blame solely at Democrats’ feet.

“It echoes what President Trump said about the 7th District,” Crenson said.

Late Monday night, Trump gave Klacik a nod on Twitter.

“Kimberly will work with the Trump Administration and we will bring Baltimore back, and fast. Don’t blow it Baltimore, the Democrats have destroyed your city!” he wrote.

Klacik burst onto the national scene when she documented Baltimore blight last summer, causing President Trump to call the city “rat-infested” and blaming then-Congressman Elijah Cummings.

Klacik lost to Mfume in April’s special election and squares off against him in November.

WJZ reached out for a taped interview with both Klacik and Congressman Mfume on Tuesday; both declined.

Paul Gessler

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  1. Trey says:

    Just look at where Baltimore is right now with the Democrats choosing a Republican for a change can’t hurt the district anymore then it already is that’s for sure and she is smart and young and full of Ideas. She is a bet I’m willing to take

    1. Dot Lane says:

      Yeah, she’s a fraud. Go ahead and look up her “non-profit”.

      1. censorshipbites says:

        “In 2013, Kimberly founded “Potential Me” to assist under served women with workforce development. Assisting close to 200 women become gainfully employed, 30% went on to obtain financial independence.”
        That’s her non-profit, so time to put up or shut up: where is there any evidence whatsoever of malfeasance?
        I’m not holding my breath.

      2. King Julian says:

        Mfume is the fraud, he was basically fired from the naacp for poor performance

  2. censorshipbites says:

    “Crenson said the ad leaves out policy proposals and is misleading to blame solely at Democrats’ feet.”
    Name one Republican who proposed or implemented policy in Baltimore. I’m waiting.
    And given how Baltimore has been in such a mess for half a century, pretty much any policies than those currently implemented – by Democrats – might be an improvement. What has Baltimore got to lose?

  3. working_man says:

    And, of course WJZ has to add the disclaimer immediately of “long shot” in the headline…

    1. King Julian says:

      thats why wjz is the low man on the pole of baltimore news

  4. Mom E says:

    “It is unfair to blame Democrats.”
    After generations in power in Baltimore, if that is unfair, then certainly blaming Trump for anything after 3.5 years is unacceptable.

  5. Goth says:

    Wake up Baltimore! Corrupt democratic leaders. Follow that money clearly not being used in Baltimore. Years of neglect and abandon housing. Crime rate and murder rates that just keep getting higher. Schools that are so run down they don’t even have heat. Turn this around vote Republican and watch the immediate changes for the better. So glad Kimberly Klacik is bringing awareness to neighborhoods that clearly have been ignored by the democratic leaders for years. Nothing will ever change unless you vote someone in who cares and wants best for Baltimore vote Kimberly Klacik!

  6. Goth says:

    So glad that ad was put out there to expose how democrats have left behind neighborhoods. It is a disgrace all that money and clearly nothing has been put back into Baltimore. Keep going Kimberly Klacik we need more people like you!

  7. Lucy says:

    LOL and the racist GOP party who kisses the butt of racist in chief Trump cares? As if……..

    How many black women on Trump’s cabinet? NONE
    How many black men? One

    Yeah that’s diversity alrighty

    ALL big cities regardless of party affiliation of the mayor have those problems and unemployment is very high across the board in every city due to COVID. People who aren’t Black live in Baltimore too they are city problems not just “:black problems” Maybe the problem is we have a republican governor???

    She’s a loser

  8. Mike says:

    The sad part is this great woman would have a higher likelihood of winning the Presidency of the United States this year than winning this Baltimore Congressional Seat. Amazing isn’t it?

  9. Jim C says:

    Looks like she should be twirling around a pole in that get up- her background is in the “hospitality industry” that says it all and she was “bullied in college”. If you can’t deal w/ it by that age (at a predominantly Black college) you do not belong in college, Missy!

    No respect for Trump hos nobody takes a ho ho tart seriously and aligning w/ Trump right now is like buying a ticket on the Titanic

  10. Goth says:

    The commercial is priceless! Glad someone is exposing Baltimore. Abandon houses, run down schools, highest crime rates and murders, and the list could go on. Baltimore another prime example of the “do nothing” democrats!

  11. Ted says:

    Baltimore, another example of a do nothing Republican Governor

  12. Tonya says:

    Baltimore is a disaster. Change is desperately needed. I live in District 7 and I will absolutely be voting for Kim Klacik.

  13. Goth says:

    Sorry but it was a Democrat who “did Nothing” for district 7. Mfume is not the answer just the same old promises and no results. Its about time someone is exposing and wanting things to change for the better for Baltimore. Its a disgrace that other politicians won’t even address the problems let alone walk in the neighborhoods. This is the sad result of years of leadership from democrats. Don’t understand how people can keep voting democrat. Media needs to give Kimberly Klacik more attention. Keep going Kimberly Klacik Baltimore needs you!

  14. B.C. says:

    most every city has a block that looks like that, it is not exclusive to B’more or the citins in blue states or w/ Dem mayors.

    She is a fraud and like Trump, all into herself

    1. Sorry lady, Baltimore has a much, much, much larger portion. Oh, don’t get me wrong, All large east coast cities (E of the Mississippi) are run by Demoncats for decades, and on the Left coast it’s not run down buildings (but, don’t worry, hold my beer, it’ll be that way soon) has huge swathes of homeless. And of course you can’t tell me how things are better with 4 decades of monopolistic demoncatic rule in Baltimore. Fill in this sentence, please: “Kweisi Mfume will improve the lot of the worst off in Baltimore in the following ways: ___________________” (arms crossed, foot tapping) I’m waaaatiing. I love how even your leftists boyfriends here show how bad it really is – T+ 53 years???? Uhhhhh huhhhh…

  15. Goth says:

    The democrats have failed Baltimore. The crime, violence and murders continue to rise! Half the leaders are corrupt. Follow the money because it certainly is not being used to better Baltimore. Its been years of democratic leadership that has run Baltimore in the ground. They are the frauds make promises yet “do nothing”. Kimberly Klacik is exposing the truth something no democrat has done in years!

  16. mikezpen says:

    Blaming Governor Hogan or President Trump for six decades of rot in Baltimore is ludicrous.The Democratic Party has thrown in the towel on Baltimore’s black people. The only time they mean anything to Democrats is election time.

  17. Bat Bay says:

    Yeah the odds are long. You’re not going to change people’s voting habits in just a few months. But the ad is excellent, and Klacik as a future, of some kind, in politics.

  18. abul kashim says:

    she got endorsement from Trump, wow I can’t vote for her, What can she do as a congresswoman, that district covers only a small portion of Baltimore city. I am from Howard county, do not think she is qualified.

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