BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The blue duikers at The Maryland Zoo have moved to an outdoor habitat two months after one of the antelopes gave birth.

Zoo officials said in a news release that Flower and her two-month-old calf LJ — short for Lucky, Jr. —  will share a habitat with the dik-dik, alternating days in the space near the warthogs in the African Journey boardwalk.

“Flower and LJ have been living behind-the-scenes in the Africa Barn as he has been too little to be in an outdoor habitat,” Erin Grimm, a mammal collection and conservation manager at the zoo, said in a news release. “LJ has grown considerably since he was born, now weighing 2.9 pounds. Flower is a very protective mother, watching him closely as they adjust to the new habitat. They are doing well, exploring more and more each day, and we are excited for our visitors to see and learn more about this tiny antelope species.”

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Flower gave birth to LJ on June 17. He weighed in at just 12 ounces at birth.

Blue duiker is an antelope species native to parts of Africa, the zoo said. They are not considered endangered or threatened but are affected by over-hunting and habitat loss.

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