BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Councilman Eric Costello said there will be an increase in police presence in Federal Hill starting on Friday after complaints about illegal operations of dirt bikes.

Costello said he met with Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison and that a dirt bike task force, additional BPD resources and the BPD helicopter are being deployed on a nightly basis to “begin to address the issue moving forward.”

“Over the past three months, there has been both consistent and excessive levels of dirt bike activity in and around Federal Hill Park, extending to Light St, Warren Ave, Battery Ave, Covington St, and the Key Highway corridor,” Costello wrote on Facebook. “The activity usually occurs between 9pm and 2am, seven days per week, weather permitting. There are several instances of this on video which have been provided to my office as well as BPD.”

Costello added that dozens of residents have reached out about the loud noise, reckless driving and damage to the turf at the park.