BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik on Monday took aim at Joe Biden and the Democratic Party in her speech for the Republican National Convention, accusing Democrats of taking Black voters for granted.

Klacik, whose recent campaign video of herself walking through a dilapidated neighborhood in Baltimore raked in millions of views and attention from the president himself, argued the Democratic Party, which has controlled Baltimore for decades, has “run this beautiful place right into the ground.”


She said Black voters want safe neighborhoods, lower taxes and higher-paying jobs, which the Democrats won’t deliver.

“Joe Biden believes we can’t think for ourselves, that the color of someone’s skin dictates their political views,” Klacik said, an apparent reference to Biden’s comments in a May interview in which he said voters who are unsure whether to vote for him or President Donald Trump “ain’t black.”

“We’re not buying the lies anymore,” she continued. “You and your party have neglected us for far too long.”

In her roughly two-minute speech, Klacik urged Republicans to reach out to inner-city voters, saying she wants Baltimore to serve as an example the GOP can win in cities if they “deliver real results.”

“(Trump) is bringing the American spirit to life for all Americans,” she concluded. “I’m asking you to help President Trump complete this great American comeback, and then I’m asking you to help me start this great Baltimore comeback.”

CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. chrissfarmer says:

    The Republicans aren’t buying the lies, they’re trying to sell them.

    They’re a hoot, going on about how all the riots, shooting, looting & so on are somehow Biden & the Dem’s fault when Trump has been in charge for over 3.5 years and said he would bring back law and order to the country. If things are such a huge mess as the Republicans say. then it all happened on Trump’s watch LOL!

    They are so stupid they can’t see pointing out what a mess things are falls back on Trump

    1. King Julian says:

      what about the people who have been in charge of baltimore for the past 50 years. what have they done in those 50 years except drive the murders to over 300 per year. the dems are at fault, they are the ones “holding the man down”. if you can’t see that you must not care.

    2. working_man says:

      This is about the most useless and inaccurate comment I’ve read in quite awhile – congratulations! BTW – here’s a clue for you – the current lawlessness in our nation is 100% owned by the Democratic party…

  2. Goth says:

    The “do nothing” democrats. The riots, looting and criminal activities are running wild under Democratic leadership. Liberal cities have become the center of violence and murder. Baltimore will not change until democratic leaders are no longer voted in! Kimberly Klacik is right the democrats ran Baltimore city into the ground! Keep going Kimberly Klacik Baltimore needs you.

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