By Kelsey Kushner

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — From California to New York, to right here in Baltimore, dozens of protesters and postal workers gathered for rallies Tuesday to show their support for the postal service.

Dozens of protesters and postal workers gathered outside the main post office in Baltimore, joining the fight across the nation, standing in solidarity with postal workers.

“We’re out here to tell Congress you need to fully fund the postal service,” said activist Margaret Flowers.

Activists held signs, chanted and gave speeches, calling on Congress to provide $25 billion in immediate support for the USPS, and stop the latest series of policy changes, including the removal of sorting machines that many say resulted in a reduction of employee overtime and delayed mail.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh told WJZ six sorting machines have already been taken offline in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County as a result of budget cuts.

President of American Postal Workers Union Sherry McKnight says the removal of these machines is adding stress to postal workers who are already battling the obstacles of a pandemic.

“They’re having to do work for three people other than one person,” she said.

This rally comes as the post master general had previously warned — with more Americans expected to vote by mail this year because of the coronavirus — he couldn’t guarantee mail-in ballots in all 50 states will be delivered in time to be counted by November.

“This is a disaster… this is the worst possible time to be doing cutbacks,” said activist and postal worker Tom Dodge.

“The post office problems are longterm and bipartisan, and people need to organize to save the post office,” said activist Kevin Zeese.

In his testimony to lawmakers, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy denied ordering the removal of mail sorting machines and blue mailboxes — moves that could slow down election mail, but says he won’t reverse the changes.

McKnight says, when it comes to election day, they’re dedicated to making sure every vote is counted.

“The mail will get out,” McKnight said. “We will process it, and your ballot will be counted.”

Kelsey Kushner

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  1. f-GUY says:

    Stop Trump from destroying the USPS to try to stop the election. It was better before Trump put in his stooge to intentionally mess it up to stop mail in voting.

    Whjat do you call someone who tries to stop elections? A DICTATOR!

  2. working_man says:

    ^ you are off your rocker. Mail in voting is full of issues and leads to voter fraud. What do you call a guy who believes in mail in voting? A MORON

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