BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Vice President Mike Pence returned to Baltimore for one of the most important speeches of his political career—as he made his case for a second term for President Trump at the Republican National Convention.

The office of Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan told WJZ he would not attend.

Pence’s choice of Fort McHenry to make that address has drawn criticism. The Coalition To Protect America’s National Parks has called it “inappropriate” to use the fort “for political gain.”

They released photos of a forklift they say damaged a brick walkway during the preparations.

Credit: Protect NPS

Credit: Protect NPS


During his term as vice president, Pence has made repeated visits to Baltimore. He toured the port, addressed immigration agents and previously stopped at Fort McHenry.

The historic Fort is a favorite backdrop of the Trump Administration. President Trump spoke there on Memorial Day.

But the president has frequently criticized the city during his time in office.

He tweeted during a feud with the late Congressman Elijah Cummings that the city was a “disgusting rat and rodent infested mess.”

During his visit last year, protesters greeted the president with a giant inflatable rat in his likeness.

Baltimore has been in the spotlight for the Democrats as well—with now-Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris choosing the city as her campaign headquarters during her presidential run.

Kimberly Klacik, a Republican who is running for the 7th district congressional seat, addressed the convention in a pre-recorded speech from Baltimore earlier this week.

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  1. Martin Sadowski says:

    What is the big deal about those bricks. They will be pulled and be put back in place. Something over nothing.

  2. Hootie Who the Night Owl says:

    The point is national parks, land all of us own and pay for, should not be used for political events and the RNC is a political event…….and I am sure the current admin missed it, but we are in the midst of a pandemic where people, especially those who do not wear masks, should not be traveling. Trump said B’more was a rat infested heII hole, so the prudent thing would be to stay out of it and stop using it for a background photo op.

    If you think it is “no big deal” then, by all means, have them send the bill for the repairs to you or get out there on tour hands and knees & red hat and fix it yourself.

  3. Goth says:

    Welcome Pence! Glad to see you in Baltimore.

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