ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The mother of Breonna Taylor and about 30 other family members helped dedicate a mural in Maryland that memorializes the Black woman who was killed when police in Louisville, Kentucky shot her while executing a “no-knock” warrant.

The Capital in Annapolis reports that the mural dedication Saturday occurred on a day which Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley officially proclaimed as “Breonna Taylor Day” in the city.

The painted mural of Taylor covers two basketball courts in the city’s Chambers Park and has drawn national attention.

Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, was in the District of Columbia Friday for the March on Washington and said she wanted to see the mural in person.

Taylor’s death in March has become a rallying point nationwide in calls for police reform and racial justice.

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  1. Hootie Who the Night Owl says:

    It’s a beautiful tribute to an EMT who was murdered in her own home by bad cops. I am sick and tired of unarmed citizens who are no threat being murdered by police who then try to cover it up. EVERY COP NEEDS A BODY CAM! Citizens with cell phones should not be the force holding cops accountable.

    Even if Breonna Taylor was involved with drugs WHICH SHE WAS NOT – NONE FOUND IN HER HOME) that is not reason to shoot her. Her ex was involved with drugs, that does not make her guilty, he was not even in her home that night.

    It’s no coicindence almost all the victims are black & the murders with badges white. I am not anti cop I am anti bad cop,

  2. Tyree says:

    Let me tell you bro, she was a drug dealer, if you don’t believe me listen to her recorded jail house phone calls with her drug dealer boyfriend where she talks about drugs and money. But don’t take me word for it do your own research and you will quickly see she not innocent These are the people causing havoc in our community by pushing the drugs which leads to the shootings and killings. I don;t feel bad for her one bit, because she knew the “stretch” when she involved herself with drug dealers. Again the white liberal media hides the truth cause it doesn’t fit their narrative.

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