By CBS Baltimore Staff

HARFORD COUNTY, MD. (WJZ) — In Harford County, dozens of people joined a peaceful motorcade protest against racial injustices.

The group calls themselves, “Drive for Justice.”

They painted windows, made signs and printed out photos of over 200 victims of police brutality.

The motorcade started at Fallston High School and ended at Bel Air High School.

Organizers said they’re taking a stand against police brutality following the recent shooting of Jacob Blake.

“It has to be done now.. we can not wait for someone else to solve the problems of black and brown communities and people of color in this country we have to take a stand,” said Amy, one of the organizers.

Organizer Dominique Givens said for her, taking a stand is personal.

“It takes a toll on you that a lot of people can’t understand, but at the same time it’s our job to make them understand,” Givens said.

Speakers took the microphone to talk about racial injustice. Givens said taking a stand and protesting is essential for change to happen.

“They let people know that visual representation of people’s feelings and I think that’s really important in getting things accomplished,” she said.

The group said they are planning more peaceful demonstrations like Sunday’s in the future.

CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. Hootie Who the Night Owl says:

    I totally support you and unlike idiots at Trump rallies, you care enough about others to follow COVID recommendations for distancing & mask wearing. A safe peaceful event and gosh nobody brought an assault rifle……………


    1. King Julian says:

      your side always carries weapons, follow all the cities where terrorist activity is taking place, when you support terrorist you are one.

  2. Tyree says:

    These people are a joke… for racial justice…..they don’t even know what that means. Moreover, these fake white liberals would be the first one to call the cops on a brother. These white liberals are the wrecking this country with their defund the police nonsense. You white liberals go on defund the cops and lets see how that works out for ya when pookie and gang shows up to take your stuff. White liberals are worse then any redneck I ever met, ad least with the redneck you know where he’s coming from unlike these fake liberals.

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